We know, one of the most difficult decisions for every man comes when choosing a fragrance.

And, besides looking for one that perfectly suits the PH of your skin, it is also vital that you take into account the time you have on door to get out your selection. For this reason, we took on the task of selecting five lotions surely become lethal weapons when introduce in any event.

1. To go to work – Boss Orange by Hugo Boss

Breaks with the aromas of this fragrance always betting, whose optimism and informal will be the perfect combination to combat the days behind the desk. Boss Orange is a lotion that perfectly blends notes of fresh apple, incense, vanilla and cardamom bibinga, resulting in a spontaneous and exciting aroma.


2. For a night out – CK One Red Edition

Vibrant and addictive, this is the new CK One Red Edition, which has a predominantly woody tone, a quality that makes this lotion on the perfect weapon of conquest during a night out. The fragrance opens with red pear, later to find notes of pepper and jegibre and vertirver, tonka and musk. Yes, CK One Red Edition will take the first step, the rest is yours work.


3. For a dinner with your girlfriend – Guess Night

Fern, hot pepper, cedar and geranium vertiver are the main components Guess Night, and the reasons that make this fragrance is perfect for use at a dinner with your girl. In addition, the essence of fresh and woody notes are ideal if the desktop goes further and extends to the trendy nightclub.


4. For the weekend – Tommy Hilfiger Freedom Sport

The name says it all: sports and free, just as befits a man during his weekend, so this fragrance is the perfect addition to your outfit. Freedom Sport features notes of sage, black pepper, cinnamon, patchouli and vertiver, refreshing ingredients that perfectly reflect the adventurous spirit that we men during our breaks away from the city.


5. For a special event – Italian Bergamot Ermenegildo Zegna

Following its tradition, the firm created a fragrance whose main ingredient is the bergamot, which is mixed with notes of neroli and vertiver to result in a lotion that reflects elegance and style. The notes of lime and wood are the perfect complement for a surprising climax, Italian Bergamot and make it our choice for use in special events particularly those who already have listed on your agenda.


6. For a day sport- Lacoste L! Ve

With the originality and freshness that characterizes the French brand’s new fragrance is a burst of energy, thanks to the perfect combination of notes of lime, guaiac wood and dark licorice that give a unique feature to the new essence. Definitely will be your ally in the days when there is some formality and when any plan with friends is acceptable.

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