Trend Alert: Braids

According to Harper’s Bazaar Spring 2015 hair trends, braids and twists are in. The braids the website shows are absolutely fabulous! But I can’t say the same for my hair styling. I tried to recreate a couple of trendy braid looks, but was unsuccessful. So I decided to improvise and make a simple, colorful headband inspired by this season’s trendy braid style.
(PS- These are the classic silver earrings I made in my Cute as a Button post. Told you I love huge earring studs!)


1. Fabric strands… that’s it!
I found a whole handful of them at a craft store, and the best part is they were already color coordinated and cut into strands.

strand bundle

This bundle costs around $3, but yours can be free… because the best part of this project is that you can just cut up strands from old t-shirts. You can choose neutral-colored (white, brown, tan) t-shirts or go bold with brights. I was thrilled to find this preppy blue/green/white scheme, but I’ll definitely be putting (cutting) some old tees and putting them to good use soon.


1. After cutting/ finding your fabric strands, lay them out to make three strands and tie a knot at the top to connect them.braid tie
2. Braid your little heart out! (Or at least until you get an inch away from the end).
3. Tie a knot to secure it.
4. To secure it on your head, just tie it at the bottom so that your hair can conceal the knots.

Simple (to make), yet a statement (to wear). And that’s how I like my DIY accessories projects.

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