The Importance of Wearing Proper Cycling Gear

While most people may put on a pair of regular shorts, a tee-shirt, and trainers for a casual bicycle ride to the market, those who use their bicycles for fitness purposes may dress in cycling gear. Although most gear makes them look like a club cyclist, it can help provide the protection they need to prevent injuries. Here are some reasons why it is important for the proper sports gear to be worn if you are serious about cycling or any other sport you enjoy.

Protection from Injuries

Wearing the proper cycling gear can protect you from becoming injured, either in an accident or due to wear and tear on your body. Protective gear is available literally from head to toe, starting with cycling helmets. A helmet can protect your head if you are involved in an accident, such as being sideswiped on a road, or if you lose control of your bicycle and fall.

Helmets are designed to take the force of an impact on the ground or other hard surface with which you may come in contact. To help protect your head, the helmet should fit snugly, rest low on the forehead, and be level. When you try helmets on, look into a mirror to make sure they fit correctly. That way your head will be protected if something happens and you accidentally fall down or fall off your bicycle.

Protection from Blisters

Another type of injury you will encounter when riding a bicycle is from wear and tear on your body in the form of blisters. They can develop on your hands and feet, especially if your feet get wet while you are riding. In addition to blisters, certain areas of your body such as the inner thighs can chafe while you are riding.

Luckily, riding gloves can protect your hands from developing blisters and can keep them warm on colder days, so they maintain their circulation. Cycling gloves are padded on the palms to prevent blisters, and the tops are made from mesh or webbing to allow air to circulate around your hands. This allows moisture to evaporate so your hands don’t get wet within the confines of the gloves.

Wearing cycling socks will prevent blisters as well, because they help wick away moisture from your feet. If your socks get wet from sweat or water, cycling in them can lead to blisters, which can easily turn into open, painful sores. They could become infected or keep you off your bicycle for several days until they heal.

Gear for Comfort

Along with protection, some cycling gear helps make you more comfortable, especially on warm days. Cycling jerseys are made from fabrics that are ventilated to wick away moisture, so you don’t get overly heated and your shirt doesn’t absorb sweat, which could cause odours. In addition, cycling shorts are padded to prevent your bum from developing sores and to keep your thighs from being chafed.

For protection while cycling on the open road, you need to wear the proper gear so you can avoid injuries and remain comfortable.

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