The Importance Of ARIAPRENE Foam-Core Technology In Running Shoes

     If you are an avid runner, you know that there are many important differences among the wide range of running shoes that are available on the market today. The wrong pair of shoes can make running miserable and the right pair can cost hundreds of dollars but provide comfort and foot support throughout your run. Bad running shoes can cause hip and knee pain, plantar fasciitis, or Achilles tendinitis. The reason two pairs of running shoes can be so different even though they look similar, is the material used in the foundation of those shoes. Running shoes that are manufactured with ARIAPRENE foam core technology are going to fit, feel and perform better than running shoes manufactured without ARIAPRENE’s foam core technology.

Different Types Of Feet

     There are three different types of feet: biomechanically normal feet which have a normal arch,  There are three different kinds of feet in the world. There are the bio mechanically normal feet, which has a normal arch, feet with high arches and feet with flat arches. Your foot normally pronate (roll inward), and supinate (roll outward) as part of normal walking and running and a good, sturdy arch inside of your shoe will help you run and walk properly without pain. If your feet are flat or have high arches, this can become a problem for most running shoes as they are designed for biomechanically normal feet. Running shoes made with ARIAPRENE foam core technology adapt to all feet and can reduce foot fatigue, pain and injury while providing comfort for your feet all day.

     Through trial and error, you could find a pair of running shoes that you’re your running style and the needs of your feet, but that could become costly and time consuming. The alternative is selecting a pair of running shoes manufactured with ARIAPRENE foam core technology and save both time and money while making your run more comfortable.

ARIAPRENE Foam Core Technology

     ARIAPRENE foam core technology makes running shoes, wetsuits, apparel, accessories and other technical gear more comfortable and more functional. With customized compression, stability and movement, products manufactured with Ariaprene are built to be better.

     To learn more about ARIAPRENE foam core technology, contact ARIAPRENE today for a no obligation consultation to see how foam core technology can improve your product line and provide more benefits for your customers.If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it on your favorite social media sites.

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