The Do’s And Don’ts Of Fashion

Whilst you’re out on the high street you may come across a number of styles which can either be appealing to the eye or make your eyes sore! Everyone has the right to dress and feel comfortable in whatever they like. However, there are some lines which shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to pairing clothes together. If you want to stay on trend and ensure you still look good then follow these helpful tips.

The Do’s

Shorts Suit

Invest in a shorts suit, yes you read right. Get those pins out and don’t be afraid to flaunt those great assets. If for some reason you aren’t so secure about getting your legs out then there is a simple solution. Either pantyhose or leggings will suit well with any shorts suit. If you want to stand out from the crowd choose either a bold or floral print. This look is fantastic for summertime, paired with some cute heels or sandals you can’t go wrong!


White Dress

Forget the little black dress, a little white number is now in fashion. A little white dress is just as appealing as a black dress and can be worn during the evening and also throughout the daytime. Wearing a white dress at night can be incredibly sexy, when wearing any white garments you need to ensure you wear well fitting undergarments. Appealing yet well fitted garments will surely finish off this look nicely. Nothing would be worse than your mis-matched undies peering through your nice white dress!
Black and White

If you want a simple yet stylish look than the classic black and white print will be ideal for you. The colour combination of black and white is perfect for colour blocking. When choosing which pattern to wear, bear in mind that smaller prints are much more flattering the garment will be. Casual dresses can be altered to fit not only day wear but also evening wear. You should break up the print by flaunting some skin.

The Don’ts

Keep Accessories Simple

Don’t be afraid of pattern mixing, this trend is still more popular than ever. The key to mixing prints is to ensure that the prints are of a different size. Mixing patterns creates a bold look. So don’t go over the top with wild accessories. If you want to fit in this season than floral print is the most ideal style to choose.
Go For Matching Garments

Don’t be afraid to combine garments that are of the same print/colour. Do make sure you keep the look trendy and modern and not something your grandma would wear! In order to do so you should avoid any tailored or neat looking matching clothes. Floral prints and bold prints are ideal to create any chic yet modern look. Get ready to coordinate your clothes without fear of looking like someone from the 40’s.

lite bright night

Don’t steer away from slouch type clothing. If you want to pull this look off than there is a simple rule. If you are going to wear an oversized slouchy t-shirt then you will need to pair this with some skinny bottoms. If you have slouchy trousers then you will need to pair this with a slim fitted top garment. If you want to avoid looking like an over sized potato sack then ensure you stick to this rule. Loose clothing is still in fashion, provided that you wear the outfit well you can’t go wrong!
So, there you have it you now have an insight of the do’s and don’ts of fashion 2013. Provided you following the tips you will get by the summer time with ease. If you want to learn more about what styles are available then you should do your homework!
Jennifer is a lover of all things girly and bright and would not miss out on the opportunity to share her adoration of fashion with others alike. Accessories are an important part of any outfit and Ladies Belts are certainly an essential item used to accentuate and add style to any range of clothing.

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