The 9 worst female summer Footwear

Not everything that is in vogue is the epitome of style, not everything is like a synonym for beautiful; here are some tips on footwear in 2015
Sun, heat, leisure and various declination of fashion and styles. Does not always follow the latest trends, daring to take risks with their own tastes, want to put undue display of incompatible accessories and garments is fine, doing often become synonymous with the summer of horror and horror.
Most of these relate to the world of footwear, passion / obsession of every woman. We Blog Fashion models we have selected the most criticized and contested the summer 2015, which says no to:
Dancers rubber
The net effect will be to not pretty and elegant princesses, dancers or by the sea, but only that of a diver with lots of fins.
No excuses and pretexts, the beach is ideal for running barefoot, tickled by infinite specks sand and refreshed by the waves on the shore. Even the convenience, front finger tablets and ankles to sausage, is clearly losing.
Plastic slippers
The famous model of her aunt is definitely out. Outdated and unfashionable, it would be best to discard it, at all.
Promoted, however, the thong models, both in plastic, leather or rubber that.
Boots and bikers
In different leathers, fabrics and colors, there is something for all tastes, but best avoided. Though they may be popular and loved, they do not leave enough to dream the summer and come off completely from those who were the previous seasons. Much better if combined with wool and fur.
Whether in leather, fabric or even worse in rubber, we at Fashion Blog categorically say no. Fortunately this model of footwear we leave it to the past, but there is still some affection that can not discard them and not giving up wearing it. Just. It is time to renew and heal their own style, their own image; fundamental passes every woman.
The famous brand of shoe rubber, colored and loved especially by the Americans, really are one of the biggest mistakes made in terms of style and one of the greatest horrors seen in both cities, and in the sea. Here, too, comfort does not give alternatives. A categorical no for the crocs, even to wear at home.
Sandals with cork wedge
They are a must for every summer, but not of the 2015. Footwear lacking in style and not at all attractive, attozzirebbero that even the most slender model. The cork wedge is not among the most popular of the moment, but even worse if it is fake cork. Bad taste and poor quality are not exactly the best. This year especially green light to super flat and stilettos, but also in wedges provided they do not cork

It is their year, their summer, but be careful how to wear them and match them up. No way to sock sports included. Where has the style? Is not that the street style, nor is this synonymous with particularism and eccentricity. Eye to detail, if you own one cannot do without.

Rubber sandals

To be reserved for children, The characteristic pattern of every childhood worthy of respect, it is better to avoid it if you want to have a minimum of style. Absolutely no.

The German Birkenstock

Great debate on this model, which sees deployed in two major factions lovers by supporters opposed detestatori. On this model we would like to be impartial, congedandole with an uncertain nì.

Therefore, it is trendy or not, you need to be very careful and always keep in mind that there is a way and fashion , even to wear the coolest model of footwear.

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