Popular Engagement Ring Styles

here are so many ring styles available today. Each of those styles is attractive enough to win a woman’s heart, depending on their personal choice. Like the ladies, engagements rings may differ from each other in their own particular way. Each one has been carefully crafted for style, quality and uniqueness. If you’re not familiar with engagement ring styles, then you’re at the right place right now. Here is a quick overview of some of the best and popular engagement ring styles from places like jewellers London you might come across one of these days.

Solitaire style

Also known as the classic. A single diamond set on the band of the ring with prongs holding the diamond in place. Usually there are 4 prongs that hold the diamond. Other people choose a six prong diamond ring – it makes them more secure than ever.

Three stone ring

The style holds three diamonds on the center of the band. Some rings have three similar size diamonds attached. While some style have one bigger diamond in the middle. This is quite popular since the three rocks symbolizes the past, present and future of the relationship. It also symbolizes “I love you”.

Stones with different shapes

Another popular style of engagement rings is those that have different diamonds shapes. The basic shapes of diamond cut are square and circle. However, there are styles that have emerald, heart, oval, pear, marquise, cushion and radiant shape of diamonds. The shape of the stone is customize to meet the demand of buyers.

Mixed metal

This style has gain popularity over the years. This style uses two or more kind of metal in the band. The ring band can be a combination of yellow gold and platinum. This style adds beauty and uniqueness to the ring. Most of rings sold are made up of only one kind of metal. You can easily distinguish this style thru the color of the band. Usually, the band’s color (for yellow gold and platinum style) is golden yellow and white.

Floral and organic style

The band of this style is usually crafted to form a leaf and floral like design. This has been popular nowadays because of its uniqueness and attractive design. The Diamonds are put on the leaf-design band and in the middle of the ring set is a big diamond that looks like a flower – A nature lover would surely fall for this.

Colored stones

This style is probably the most colourful of all. Instead of ordinary colored diamonds set on the ring. Beautiful and colorful stones like emerald and ruby are placed in the center. There are also yellow canary diamonds available that can show a different glitter to traditional engagement rings.

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