Trend Alert: Braids

According to Harper’s Bazaar Spring 2015 hair trends, braids and twists are in. The braids the website shows are absolutely fabulous! But I can’t say the same for my hair styling. I tried to recreate a couple of trendy braid looks, but was unsuccessful. So I decided to improvise and make a simple, colorful headband inspired by this season’s trendy braid style.
(PS- These are the classic silver earrings I made in my Cute as a Button post. Told you I love huge earring studs!)


1. Fabric strands… that’s it!
I found a whole handful of them at a craft store, and the best part is they were already color coordinated and cut into strands.

strand bundle

This bundle costs around $3, but yours can be free… because the best part of this project is that you can just cut up strands from old t-shirts. You can choose neutral-colored (white, brown, tan) t-shirts or go bold with brights. I was thrilled to find this preppy blue/green/white scheme, but I’ll definitely be putting (cutting) some old tees and putting them to good use soon.


1. After cutting/ finding your fabric strands, lay them out to make three strands and tie a knot at the top to connect them.braid tie
2. Braid your little heart out! (Or at least until you get an inch away from the end).
3. Tie a knot to secure it.
4. To secure it on your head, just tie it at the bottom so that your hair can conceal the knots.

Simple (to make), yet a statement (to wear). And that’s how I like my DIY accessories projects.

How to Choose Brief Dresses for Night Cocktails

The pattern in other words Dresses has transcended from being informal to more official Dress.We see Cocktail Dresses for evening events in different measures and Fashions that were regarded non-traditional years ago but are now to a large viewers. Even at red rug events, marriages, and other social events, we see that the styles in smaller Dresses are more recommended by the attractive and not the conventional joint duration Cocktail Dresses.

If you want to follow the pattern in other words Dresses for evening drinks, you should opt for the correct duration, design and material that will supplement your whole body. Remember these recommendations to help you choose the right Dress for the event. The duration is important so that the Dress variations the most perfect shape of the upper leg. The Dress should show your resources and the Dress should start at that correct part to make the overall look of shaped feet. Also, the Dress must not be short that it is unsuitable and already displaying lingerie. Style must also be on your guidance in selecting the Dress use.

Choose a design that will supplement the outline of your whole body and add focus on your resources to information the sight towards the perfect parts and away from faults. Do not put too much decoration on the Dress unless it is an informal event and there is dance engaged. Otherwise, keep the Dress simple with only one point of interest in the Dress to display your resources. The Dress sale has many short Dresses with every design and reduces possible. Choose the one that will look excellent on you through following some recommendations in selecting the Dress.
If you have small hips, put decoration on the bodice to highlight it. Use the Dress to your benefits to look your best at the party. Fabric must also be regarded when selecting the Dress. Choose the material that will circulation through your whole body and that will give good protection. Prevent needy materials to prevent the overall look of too limited fit.

You can do with different components to put on your Short Cocktail Dresses for evening events in design style. The Dress should not cause undesirable attention but be perfect enough to make you look excellent in the Dress. Use kinds of components to make different looks for your Dress to fit any event. For official events, keep your components at a lowest but should also be glistening to make a look of complexity. For informal drinks and events, you can do with different components and mix different Fashions to make a fun look. Putting on a costume up or dressing down can be done with just a little change in components. Learn the techniques to easily help looks.

Short Cocktail Dresses for evening events are excellent because they are flexible and lively. They personify the soul of youngsters and a sense of fun but with complexity and appeal. Put them on to any event and do with components to make different looks. Customize the Dress to your benefits and look excellent while having fun with friends. This Dress is the perfect use to feel assured even at the red rug.