Live Life in Style With Retro Fashion

Are you fed up of the way you dress? Perhaps you’re sick of the clothes you own or you’re looking to show off the real you through fashion. It can be tough showing the world the person you really are but it’s worth it. When you shrug off what’s expected from you and embrace all the little things you love you’ll find yourself growing in confidence and making a real impact on the world.  If you’re ready to throw out your jeans and throw on a pencil skirt use these great tips to help you define your personal style and start living life how you are meant to.


Discover What You Love

If you end up visiting shops only to leave empty handed and disappointed with the selection it’s time to start doing some research, Modern fashion obviously isn’t for you, but there could be fashions of the past that really express your personality. You need to find out what styles and designs you’re really drawn to. You can do this in many different ways:

  • Watch movies, old and new
  • Read magazines
  • Take out fashion history books from the library
  • Follow fashion bloggers
  • Do some people watching at your local coffee shop

Make notes of the looks you are really drawn to and try to pinpoint the era or the name of the style. If you know what the look is called or referred to as it will make it easier for you to find. If there’s no one look that appeals just pick out the individual pieces and try to work out ways to wear them together as a whole outfit.

Be Brave and Go For it Head On

It doesn’t matter if your mum thinks your new style is too ‘out there’ or if your friends don’t have the same taste as you. We’re all different and that’s what makes us all so brilliant. You don’t have to follow everyone else, as long as you’re comfortable and feeling good that really is the only thing that matters. So go ahead and dye your hair purple and pink or get a tattoo on your leg, just do it if that’s what you want.

You do have to own the look you choose. You’ll feel so much better for bringing in a new look from head to toe. You can start off small by throwing on a different top with your jeans or accessorising with a huge retro belt, but build yourself up to embracing the style completely, you’ll feel so free.

Finding Fashions

One of the hardest parts of going against current fashion trends is finding the clothing, accessories and makeup. The best places to look are on vintage websites like Vintage Garms. You should also be prepared to put in some leg work and spend time visiting as many charity shops and second hand clothing stores as possible each week. It may take a while to build your wardrobe but it will be affordable and a whole lot of fun.

The author is a freelance fashion blogger with the passion for individual style that has helped her grow a huge community of followers on her personal blog and social networks. She is now contributing regular content for fashion websites and blogs around the globe, sharing her unique insight into the world of fashion.

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