Jewelry Making and Fashion Advice from New York Designer Meriam Ahari

It’s one thing to make fun, easy and inexpensive DIY jewelry and accessories projects, but it’s quite another story to make sure they are fashionable. This requires keeping up with the latest trends.

Luckily, I was able to get some expert advice for you and me!

To delve into what’s hot now in terms of fashionable trends, I scored an exclusive interview with Meriam Ahari, New York fashion jewelry designer.

Meriam is the owner, designer and mastermind behind KISMET, an up and coming jewelry and vintage goods company, which recently graced the pages of the January 2012 issue of Lucky Magazine and a post on Meriam’s amazingly fresh and unique Fall Collection is carried in hip New York boutiques such as Raised by Wolves, WERK and Volang, and her goods are also sold online at

Meriam kindly took some time between designing her Spring/Summer 2012 collection and filling jewelry orders for her boutique collections to Skype in with me. During our interview, she talks a little about how she got into this business, offers some advice to DIY fashion accessories creators and explains her take on trends for this season and beyond.

Listen to her answers here for more insight:

Needless to say, after our interview, I’m very excited to get a head start on some of the upcoming trends and already have some ideas for future DIY fashionable jewelry and accessories projects.

One thing Meriam really emphasized is that if you want to keep things fresh and fashionable, you have to do your research. She mentioned Harper’s Bazaar, one of my favorite places to get advice on current and upcoming trends, like the ones I referenced in some previous posts about braids and tribal trends. She also mentioned some other great resources for finding out about the latest and greatest, like, Vogue, W, and WWD.

Where are some places you go to to get inspired for your fashionable jewelry and accessories and how do you find out about the latest trends?

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