How To Dress In Cowboy Style

Are you thinking about getting that country look for a theme party, singing gig, or line dancing class? Or just simply looking to make western wear your fashion statement? Theres no need to fret. Almost every man can dress up as a cowboy with minimum fuss. Youll just need to build up your repertoire, starting with these basic pieces and accessories:

Western shirt

For a tough and rugged appeal, go for long-sleeved plaid, denim or corduroy collared shirts. Search for classic western elements, including snap buttons, fringe, hand sewn patterns and an accented line of piping going across the chest. You can also try a plain, tight-fit t-shirt for a more laidback look.

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots are a definite must-have. Originally intended for riding, authentic pairs have heels and sharp toes for fitting a stirrup. But dont worry, there are regular-wear versions for just hitting the street. Just don them for a month or so, and they will form themselves to your feet and become like second skin. For a great fit, opt for brands that are identified with Western wear such as Old Gringo. To ensure comfort, ask for a size larger than what you typically go for, especially if you have your heart set on pointed toe boots.

Denim jeans

A standard cowboy fare, denim jeans with straight legs or boot cuts are the best bet if comfort is your priority. If you want sleek and stylish, pick out a form-fitting pair with ripped or worn knee patches. Colorwise, blue is perfect for a casual day of picnicking or horseback riding. Black is more appropriate if you are planning for a night-out.

Add flair to your jeans with a wide leather belt. Look for those that have large silver or brass buckles, and even a western theme.

Jean jackets

Wearing jean jackets is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a country vibe into your outfit, since most people probably already have a piece hanging in their closet. Show off in styles that are on the narrow side, as most cowboys do. The more traditional designs have darker blue hues and brass buttons.

Cowboy hat

On top of the accessories list, cowboy hats come mainly in three materials. Genuine leather types are the most visually appealing. But if youre running on a tight budget, felt versions are the next best thing. They weigh less than leather counterparts and are suitable for cold weather.

For an affordable backup option, consider straw hats. These are just right for summer outings or hot outdoor shows. Constructions, however, tend to be flimsy and therefore get crushed easily.

Gun holster

If you want to go completely western, gun holsters should be part of your ensemble. While meant for holding a cowboys gun, this accessory has evolved in terms of design and is now being worn as an expression of personal style. The fancier options feature stamped and carved patterns, silver trims and fully lined leather belts. Handcrafted versions are even available from manufacturers such as Western Gun Holsters.

When deciding on the pieces to don, think beyond country-wear stereotypes. Dont be limited by images of a cowboy in a classic Western film, especially now that many stores carry modernized alternatives.

Also remember to pick out something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. The way you carry yourself, whatever outfit youre in, will allow you to stand out.

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