The importance of dressing well bypasses chooses this or that brand, that’s pretty obvious. The importance of dressing well is focused on knowing how to take full advantage of our physical with which it comes up where you can. The height is crucial and often sees looks that are perfect but fail to adapt to circumstances. If you are a petite girl (as he likes to say my partner SueMissIndie) then play with it, not against it. With these five tricks of style have several inches over his eyes.

Join the Capri pants



Yes, capri pants are (or rather were) very fashionable this summer but facing this winter, not only by logic but by your height temperatures, better leave them aside. The capri pants shortened legs and to show off is rather necessary that these are longer. Better a straight pants and shoes height or covering, nothing to choose the wider wide leg pants .

The importance of monochromatic color



Color is one of the most basic tricks in trying to gain a few inches visual styles. Logically, if you choose a bicolor combination at the top and bottom eye will distinguish two parts and there will be as successful if you choose to complete one black, the most recommended to gain height, thanks to shape the body ( top two in one).

This does not mean going all day black, horror. But choose similar colors in the same family, ie combining dark brown with beige.

That shot is as high as possible



Nor pants set yourself down his chest, not exaggerate. But it is better than the skirt and pants are high waist to waist or slightly more (garments that are very fashionable and it’s easy to find) because that leg win in a fictitious length. A visual effect particularly noticeable with skirts.

Play long and necklines



When choosing a type of blouse or sweater better to opt for a French manga by Enrique Iglesias.Same with the turtleneck. No. It will not sit as well as other types of necklines like V-shaped neckline.Thus figure will be extended to more and more vertical. Just round neckline, strapless or asymmetrical.

Best Dress



Nothing to choose a dress that reaches the ground. Best one that does not reach the knee, if cancellation of this bye to gain extra inches. The legs will look longer. A short (not excessive, if not turn against) option always favor over the long run. Better make it more fitted, goodbye to oversized.

When opting for stamping prevents the maximalists who are both liking to as what brands. Best small prints. As with cuts or details, seeking to generate verticality.

And do not remember, but the stilettos are the classic shoe to add more inches. Along with a long, light trousers. As well as playing with accessories. Ideas there for a while.

What are your tricks of style to win centimeters?

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