Ethnic Wear – For unbeatable Indian Style!!

If we talk about fashion then Indian ethnic wear has its own charm that remains unmatched by the most glamorous of western wear outfits. What is heartening to see is that a lot of youngsters are happy to indulge in Indian ethnic wear and more and more designers are experimenting with the silhouettes to give a fabulous fusion look. We all love dressing in any Indian attire. But we often look for dresses or sarees that are lightweight, easy to carry, comfortable yet classy. So, here we have got a few collection of cotton dresses and sarees that would give a complete royal look and still will be lightweight and comfortable.

Cotton Dress

Cotton’s crisp, timeless look and its breathability makes it the perfect fiber choice for all your summer dresses, from your weekend festival outfits to your business casual office style or to any other event. As the temperatures rise, your look stays chill and charming when it features a cotton dress which is fashionable and functional. Cotton dresses tackle hot forecasts with total effortlessness.

Keep the cotton dresses coming.
Is there such a thing as too many cotton dresses? I guess not? Fill up your wardrobe with airy cotton dresses for any and every party and festival. Whether you’re making a statement at brunch, running around town finishing errands, you’ll put your very best look forward with any of our cotton dresses. While you’re here, nab some colorful jewelry, pick out a few new pairs of sandals to complete your look. There’s a lot of stylish fun to be had, so dive into our wide range of collection and let the good times roll.

Saree- attire that spells elegance.

Sarees or sari have stuck around since centuries and a here to stay till centuries to come But the wheel of time running in its course of time brought back the craze of Nine yard  in full vogue, From toddlers wearing sarees in fancy dress competition to teenagers exhausting their night’s sleep and Internet Packs on which saree to wear on farewell, to the bridesmaids look at every nook and corner for a glamorous saree for the big day and of coursethe much loved grand moms who’s sarees we grew up adoring,every one of us are in an awe of this versatile drape. And when we are talking about sarees how can we forget about the most loved indigo sarees.

Indigo is a natural organic dye that is used to color the different fabrics in blue shade. Indigo colored sarees are nowadays gaining a lot of popularity, mainly because of the natural hue it offers and the breathability of the fabrics used. Primarily used on chanderi, Indigo sarees are an instant hit among young girls and aged women alike. They are perfect for office wear as it can make you look very elegant. These sarees come in a number of block prints and dye models to choose from. Each saree is unique in its own way.Indigo Sarees might look alike, but on close observation you notice that there are so many shades, patterns, fabrics and prints offered in these sarees. They are extremely comfortable and versatile as it can teamed up with many blouses. Whether you like a journalist type of high collard look or a royal look for a wedding party, opting for the right blouse can transform the Indigo saree to suit the occasion. So, go Indigo this season.

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