Engagement Rings – Are They A Necessary Expense?

What’s an engagement ring, and what makes it different from a wedding ring? Well an engagement ring is usually given by a guy to a girl whenever they propose. A wedding ring on the other hand, is exchanged between husband and wife during a wedding ceremony, and it usually worn under the engagement ring. But while many savor the thought of getting an engagement ring, some feel that it’s an unnecessary expense. Let’s look at the relevance of engagement rings today.

The Ring Serves as a “No Trespassing Sign’

In some of the finer aspects of gender equality, sociologists and relationship experts stress that an engagement ring serves as a big shiny “No Trespassing” sign, which states that the lady wearing it has already been “bought and paid for”. However, some feminists argue that men should be wearing these rings too, because they too are easily “trespass able” until the day of the wedding. In fact some women argue that an engagement ring results in a woman’s “sexual debt” to her partner.

Ladies Are Collectively Attached to the Status the Ring Bestows

According to jewelry experts and historians, one of the main reasons why engagement rings have persisted and thrived is because of what one economist calls as “conspicuous consumption”. However, more women still measure the ring’s worth in relationship to marriage ways that most males do not regularly value. In most countries too, women generally are collectively attached to the status that the engagement ring places on them, while at the same time still demanding other concrete signs of commitment from their husbands.

According to jewelry experts, the most popular engagement ring designs today include solitaire and big block rings. A solitaire ring features a narrow, slim band and has a solitary diamond or gemstone. The most commonly-used solitaire ring materials include yellow and white gold, as well as platinum. Big rock rings are what the word says, rings with larger stones.

A lot of women still prefer these types because for them the stone’s size is more crucial than the ring’s color or style. Elongated and emerald-cut stone rings are also popular today, because they offer a subtle, vintage flair, and the stone also appears much larger than other cuts of similar carat weight. Other modern engagement rings feature more intricate settings and cooler cuts.

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