Easy DIY Chain Links Ring

Remember that ribbon statement necklace I featured in a previous post? Well, I hate to break it to you, but it is in pieces… But not because it didn’t last! It’s because I couldn’t help myself… I untied it and took it apart so I could make new things out of the same materials. That’s the beauty of a lot of my DIY accessories projects. They’re versatile and the pieces can be reused, making them both fashion and wallet-friendly!

So I took it apart… and voila!

chain links ring

I’d been wanting a chain link ring for a while. And let me tell you that when it comes to shopping, I do my research! After a few weeks of unsuccessful shopping trips and online browsing sessions, I threw my hands up and decided to make my own.

When I wore it to class the next day, my friend Carla of Soupstache, noticed it. I told her how easy it was to make and she suggested I share it with all of my lovely, creative, fabulous readers.


chain links ring materials1. A chain link strand
Make sure the links aren’t too large. It will be going on your finger, so you want something that won’t look too disproportionate.

2. Pliers
You’ll need these to help shorten your link strand and to attach the clasp.

3. Clasp
The clasp should be fairly small and the same color (gold/silver) as your chain link to help conceal it.


1. Wrap the link strand around your finger to see what your preferable length is. If you want it to be thicker, wrap it several times. For a thinner ring, wrap the chain once or twice only. Keep track of where you need to “cut” the chain link.
2. Once you determine your desired length, disconnect the link with your pliers. It will take some MUSCLE, but you can do it!
3. After disconnected, while the link is still open, slip your clasp onto the open link. Once on, close the link with your pliers (again, this may take some muscle) to secure it.
4. When ready to wear, just wrap it around your finger and connect the other end with the clasp.


1. Chain (reused, but it was originally $1.99)
2. Pliers from my starter kit
3. Clasp $2.99 pack of 8.

So what do you think of this super easy, super inexpensive DIY chain links ring?

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