How to choose the perfect prom dress with Jovani

That time of the year has arrived where kinds culminate their academic commitments and start preparing for prom night. During the whole process, you will start thinking about your future and your life at college, but first of all, you must attend the long-awaited prom party. In prom dresses guide having the ability to dress very different women is such an easy task, with different styles and with entirely different bodies. Because that makes us feel that we can also dress any woman in the world and make her feel more beautiful and more confident with very sexy looks, always in the latest fashion and still creating a trend among the most beautiful women of our country and the whole world.

It is a tradition that in all the high-schools a prom party is organized to say farewell their school days, all in a mega celebration where, of course, they must look incredible. That’s why today in Jovani we bring you some essential tips when picking prom dresses so that you find the best gown that makes you look spectacular.

Define your budget

Defining a prom budget means that you open an investment range. That is, you are going to calculate how much less you want to spend on your dress and how much would be the most you would be willing to pay.

They do not have to be fixed amounts, but it is highly recommended that you have a bright idea of how much you want to invest in your dress. It will undoubtedly help you to select the best prom dresses from Jovani that will be complete to your liking and accessible to your pocket.

Know your body

Whether you have a wasp waist, very lovely shoulders or spectacular legs, consider your most beautiful attribute when selecting a dress. You know your body; this is the time to show it off!

An additional recommendation is that you take into account that nothing is more about the dress, but that they will lack the adjustments, the shoes, the veil and the accessories. Then, try to reserve some money for the expenses that will make your perfect prom night.

What to wear on prom night

Usually, this is an excellent opportunity to wear prom dresses full of bright and vibrant colors, the most common among girls is to choose short prom dresses, but this season, the long prom dresses are setting the newest fashion trends. You can select different options, with sequins, a single color or with an opening in the leg.- just don’t get it too crazy like in Cosmopolitan’s These absolute heroes have been wearing croissants instead of corsages to prom. Choose the shoes that give you height, but at the same time make you comfortable and look stylish as well as elegant.

One of the newest options is the two-piece prom dresses, this is a very active option, and you will love if yours is to use crop tops. You can combine colors and textures in your favorite color.

A good option if you want to be comfortable and free of necklines is that you choose a neckline prom dress, one of those with openings on the sides. These accentuate the waist and give a different touch to the look. Also, another way to look spectacular is in a backless dress if you wear your hair and a dress with that cut will undoubtedly shine.

A less traditional option, but that is accepted with a formal gown, and that will undoubtedly make you look amazing are the sequin prom dresses. Surely you have seen that some celebrities have begun to attend events using them, and it is not difficult to find one for special occasions, besides there will be nothing more beautiful than wearing one of these dresses without problem all night.

If you still do not know what to wear for your so prom night you can find some inspiration in your favorite celebrities and adapt some of their dresses to your style, we are confident in Jovani that we have the perfect dress for you.

Just remember

It does not matter the type of gown you pick up on your prom, try to remember always to be true to yourself. Be confident and feel comfortable in whatever dress you choose where you can dance, have fun and make the most beautiful memories.

Coats You`ll Be Crushin’ Over This Winter

The weather will soon turn chilly and people will look forward to purchase winter wardrobe. We might not be getting our daily dose of pure vitamin D anymore, but damn the slouchy knitwear and coats makes the rain all worth it. Winter wardrobe mostly consists of jackets and warmers but not all warmers are appreciable

 The top and famous winter collections are listed below, you`ll love the coats and want them badly in your closet, that’s a guarantee.

Pretty Pastels

Pastel coats are one of the top winter trends. They aren’t just for spring and summer anymore; they have proven to be perfect remedy for winter weather.It gives you a full lady like look with soft shades and work with any outfit you wish to hop in. there are new shades that can be purchased through Http://, at a low cost using discount coupons. Make a move this winter and try out the pretty pastel coats. You can wear it to work and if there is a party at night and its chilling outside, it will keep you warm.

The Duster

The duster coat has been in trend since 80s. The long coat is a very good warmer for winters as it covers your whole body.You can wear it after taking a shower or can spend all day wearing it when at home. There are cool colors and designs available so you have a wide selecting range. If your closet is unaware from this interesting piece, you should have it in your closet as soon as possible.

Military Madness

If you are looking for something classy, then you should try military jackets. The trend of military dress is rotatory, it keeps coming back after few years, but your wardrobe is somehow or the other incomplete without this amazing jacket. You will find a variety of military jackets, with different designs and colors and the best thing at a low cost.

Stay Puffed

Puff jackets are included in classics. However the 2016 makeover is a must try. The jacket is very useful for winters as it is puffed that protects you from chilly weather. It used to be puffed before which actually looked a little awkward, but the new design looks sleeker than ever. The jacket is adjustable plus it has complete protection against the chilly winds entering and making you feel cold. If you are a traveler or you have to visit many venues due to work, the puffed jacket is a trustable wear for such adventures. Furthermore to get your hands on this jacket you can stalk Http:// The online destination provides discount coupons for almost all the items you desire and you will be able to find things which took ages of searching at a reasonable price.

Can-do Capes

Capes were mostly used in Europe but now are available in most parts of the world. You want to take those new thigh high boots for a walk? Match it with your cape and go for a stroll around the park. It is very comforting and will cover your body. What are you waiting for? Winter is almost here, grab your laptop and start surfing for the amazing designs of capes.You can wear it in many occasions including parties and work.

Rainy Day Macs

Rainy day macs are made for survivors. The multipurpose jacket provides full protection against chilly weather and rainy days. You will need it in almost all the seasons and so it makes it a must have in your closet.Whether you go for a classic fisherman`s yellow, or change it up with a delicate pink, all will work with anything you are wearing.

These are some of the jackets that you should have in your closet. Keep yourself safe from the chilly weather without compromising with style.

Your go-to guide to prom dress shopping

Prom is a long awaited moment for all students, and considering the significance of this day in one’s life, symbolizing the end of life chapter and the start of a new one, everyone desires for things to turn out just perfect. Well, if there’s not much time left until your prom, one of your concerns is probably what you will wear to the event. Although the market is overstocked with dresses designed for this occasion, for an impeccable appearance shopping for an outfit should be done with care. These are your go-to prom dress purchase guidelines you can rely on to make the best choice in this department:

Focus on the 3 F’s

Fabric, fit and fashion are the three most essential details you need to focus on when you are prom dress shopping. The fabric needs to be one that is visibly qualitative (regardless of how beautiful the dress style might be, your look will not seem as glamorous as desired if it’s made out of the wrong material), even if it might cost you a bit more. The dress should also be suitable for your body shape, and of appropriate size as well – not too loose, not to tight, not too short. As for fashion goes, it’s important to research the latest trends, such as Jovani prom dresses and avoid choosing an outdated, old-fashion look.


The neckline of your dress can either make or break your overall prom style. It’s important to focus on what looks good on you personally, and not what might seem flattering on others. Also, the neckline of the dress should be selected to suit your choice of jewelry as well, if you have already thought about your preferred accessories for this occasion.

Dare to experiment

To really be the center of attention at prom, it’s important to think outside the box, to make bolder choices, and don’t limit your options to traditional gowns. People have already gotten tired of seeing the same old prom dresses, so experimenting with options that perhaps are a bit more unconventional will give you the opportunity to put together a more impressive, eye-catching look. A half dress half pants clothing item, or a two-piece lace dress would be the type of looks you should go for. Skip on the floor-length, strapless, red dress every girl seems to opt for, and dare to be unique.

Choose the online shopping alternative

Regardless of where you might live, and how many physical dress shops you might have access to, the variety of option you find in the offline does not compare with the one you will come across in the online. Nowadays, resorting to the online shopping alternative is the far better option, providing you with versatility not only in terms of clothing styles, but in terms of prices as well.

These are the things that can simplify prom dress shopping for you, and ensure you are getting that perfect outfit for this special occasion. Looking your best requires a bit of effort, and because the dress will be the focal point of your entire prom look, it’s important to purchase the right option. Being dressed in a jaw-dropping dress will make you feel like the center of attention, and allow you to enjoy this special event of your life to the fullest, as you should.

Sporty or casual: Take your pick

Sporty fashion can be easily confused for casual wear – but there are important differences. We help you decode them.

You still fondly remember that time in your life when it scarcely mattered what you wore when you went out. It was a simpler time, and you couldn’t care less about fashion and prevailing trends. But it’s a different world out there today, full of moments to be captured forever on Instagram and shared with the world. So you want to look nice but not like you spent hours putting your look together. You want to give off a sporty, casual vibe.

Except, you’re a little confused between the two…

If it’s accompanied by shorts…

Sporty fashion seamlessly lends itself to casual wear, but it all depends on which clothing you team with which footwear and accessories. Let’s just say that casual fashion is a subset of sporty style.

For instance, if you wear a pair of sneakers with a pair of fitted denim jeans, a loose tee and Aviators, that’s a casual look. So far, so good. But if you’re going for sporty, you need to replace the pants with shorts, the cotton tee for a dri-fit Nike India T shirt and your sandals with running shoes. Do you now see the difference in the two styles?

That’s not to say that one cannot be the other, but when you’re aiming for sporty in casual, you don’t want to go too hard on the overall look. Sporty fashion is not about looking like you’re always headed to football practice or the gym – it’s about wearing sports clothing with élan, even when you’re just heading out for dinner with the family. We recommend stocking up on Nike India merchandise for all your sporty fashion needs – from clothing to shoes and bags, there’s a lot to shop online.

Aiming for casual

You would think that wearing a casual ensemble is the easiest thing in the world. Just don a pair of jeans, a tee and flip flops, and you’re done. But looking effortlessly chic does take a lot of effort. Casual dressing is no exception to this fashion rule – you don’t want to look like you tried too hard on your appearance, but you still want to appear distinctive.

So what do you do? Here are some pointers:

Get a statement graphic tee. Graphic tees are back in vogue, for both men and women. A T shirt with a sassy message or a cute picture grabs the attention at once. Funny prints and text on the tee separate a casual T-shirt from a sporty one. But smaller prints are in vogue, so pick accordingly during your online shopping jaunt.

Blend in. You can pair a dri-Fit Nike India tee with a pair of fitted pants or chinos. This is a mix between sporty and casual styles. Keep the trend going with sneakers in a bold colour, and a watch with a thick belt.

Accessorise. Nobody wears a belt with a sporty ensemble, nor perfume, nor flip flops. Pick all these items during online shopping to kick off your casual but athletic look.

Don’t be dowdy. Most people think that wearing old shorts or cargos, a wrinkled cotton tee and last year’s flip flops is casual dressing. There’s just one word for this: Frumpy. Casual dressing is about keeping up with what’s in vogue at the moment, not looking like a leftover from 2017. Read up on current trends in casual wear and shop onlineaccordingly.

Summer fashion: how to wear velvet dresses like a pro

Velvet is a dense fabric and for this reason, most women choose it for winter, late fall and early spring events, but rules cannot last taking into consideration all those daring fashionistas who enjoy experimenting so we wonder: can you wear velvet during the summer season as well? Apparently, the answer is “yes”.  However, you do have to make certain adjustments. For instance, instead of wearing a long heavy dress, you should direct your attention towards a shot dress with cut works. It will not only give you a more sensual air, but also prevent your body from shedding a few sweat drops, which probably represents the nightmare of any woman who wants to appear like a delicate flower in front of other guests present at the same event. Of course, this only represents one of the secrets that will help you glow in a velvet dress during the summer season. An open shoulder or a deeper cleavage is eye-catching indeed, but it represents just a detail in our multitude of tricks.

How to wear long velvet dresses in the evening

Apart from the cut, you should also think about fabric, pattern, shade and accessories. We are going to take each element one at a time so that you fully understand the right way of wearing velvet dresses when the sun shines more brightly than ever. This is common sense, but during summer, you have to focus on lighter shades like white and soft pink, which will instantly give you a more romantic vibe. Consequently, you hit two birds with one stone. Because we are talking about evening occasions, you should probably opt for a long dress, but this does not mean that it cannot have a high slit or lack material in the back. If backless dresses are fashionable and striking, imagine the effect a backless velvet dress can create. In what concerns the shape or the model, you can choose from a strapless mermaid dress, a fitted backless evening dress, a dress with asymmetrical strapless neckline, an off the shoulder dress, a ball gown or an embellished belt gown. Pointy stilettos represent the ideal choice in terms of shoes. Moreover, you should not forget to add a clutch bag: it will really help you make a statement.

How to wear short velvet dresses in the afternoon

Moving on to daywear, you can still choose a velvet dress as the main piece of your outfit. Of course, this time of the day gives you more options like jumpsuits and two pieces, but if you are a girly spirit, you will probably not give up to your beautiful dresses. Do not worry because nobody will ask you to do such a terrible thing. Actually, we are going to give you some pieces of advice on how to accessorize them properly so that you never fail to turn heads when walking on the streets. Including metallic heels in your outfit in the afternoon and black boots in the evening will definitely make you stand out. Probably the most suitable accessory for a velvet dress is a black choker, glasses or a bandana.

Dressing your body in style

Many at times people get into a state of confusion trying to dress up. For most ladies, unless they fully made up their minds the night before and swore not to change, they most often than not will try at least two outfits before feeling that they are dressed for the occasion. It is important to note that the outcome of any wear is based on color and the body frame. Color is the greatest challenge. It is everywhere influencing perceptions and moods.

To help you dress fast and better, you need to know how to complement various colors to enable you come out boldly. But jewelry remains to be the best way to adorn yourself, and complements the dress you have on. The process of designing these beautiful components was in the past thought as a cultural practice, but in the current world, it has become a profession. People live and lead lives from jewelry business.

Excellent and good quality jewelry often evolves from a generation to another, while the clothes we wear tend to be trendy only during certain seasons. To tone yourself up, and look excellent you need to look at the following

Understand the kind of jewelry to use

To appear fashionable and trendy you have to understand the effect of colors and blocking of your jewelry with what you are dressed in. When beautiful jewelry is worn with the wrong clothing, its beauty is lost. You need to establish the clothing and jewelry complementing each other.

You also realize that the Ehted you wear is supposed to be seen and not to be swallowed up in the other clothing. Choose wisely.

You should consider the colors where primaries are complemented with shades of their secondary. You need contrasting pieces that stand out yet the colors do not clash.

Consider the shapes of the jewelry

You want to stand out and not be compared to the other person. In this case you should go for handcrafted jewelry that is personalized to meet your uniqueness. Remember to always take care of them so that they retain the attractive new look for a longer time. Nobody adores jewelry that is chipped out. It only serves to create disjointed touch.

When wearing jackets, items that have always remained as the number one fashion, they go well with elongated jewelry to give contrasting yet beautiful look.

Though the colors may be tempting, silver and golden have remained to be the most worn. For uniqueness, try the precious gems like the sapphire and diamond. They not only portray class, but are an excellent match to many fabrics.

Although in the past Ehted was thought to be African and a sign of power, today it is worn by everybody including infants. It is a sign of the cultural flow in the society. In some cases, it is a symbol of status. This is when the jewelry is made of precious gems such as gold and sapphire. They are worn to complement the beauty of other clothing.

A bikini hi-tech warns if there is risk of scalding

It is connected to an app and warns with a text message if we are running the risk of a sunburn. The bikini hi-tech comes from France.

France comes from the bikini hi-tech by Spinal Design that alerts you when we are going to Scottish. How? With application connected to our cell, the bikini will be able to determine when it is time to reapply sunscreen and warn us through a text message. Our bikini, thanks to a solar sensor UV, will even be able to tell us what kind of protective factor use. But that’s not all this bikini is fully customizable and is made ​​to measure, with the aim of meeting from every point of view requests, tailoring and not, of its customers.
The application in question is designed on three types of skin: clear, normal and dark. But Spinal Design plans to soon expand their horizons.

To date, in fact, the French company has decided to create costumes for his audience women, perhaps because apparently devoted to summer tan.

But, this project smart and everything in climb, pointing also to the creation of costumes technology designed to meet the public soon male.
Cost is not the lowest, of course. In France, in fact, it has an economic value of 149 euro, but you should consider that the product in question is also a product tailoring, as well as technological. Purchased on the company website Spinal Design.

When fashion and technology merge to give life accomplishments really without borders, from design to prevention.

Women Fashion Clothing Brands

Women fashion clothing is a very profitable business. It is not surprising that many businessmen consider it easy to get return by working as a merchant wholesaler in brand women fashion clothing. Wholesale fashion clothing items cost not much as they are sold in a large number. In contrast to a retail fashion clothing store that sells a few pieces per a customer, wholesalers get huge returns selling a bulk of women fashion clothing to customers.

Brand women fashion clothing is also sold by wholesale businessmen and its prices are also competitive. These suppliers are to be easily found on the fashion clothing online websites or in an actual fashion clothing store. Different businessmen have the trade strategies of their own. Some of the suppliers set closeout prices on women fashion clothing.

Wholesalers usually sell brand women fashion clothing at very low prices. Producers of famous clothing items want to search for direct importers in order to find the goods of high quality at the lowest prices. It’s not easy to rival in price and quality of fashion clothing and fashion clothing accessories and service of brand wholesale businessmen as they satisfy all the demands of their customers thus making them come back again and again.

What are the lowest prices on the brand women fashion clothing? A closeout businessman sets on his clothing items closeout prices which are below those of a wholesaler. His aim is to satisfy all the customers’ requirements. High quality brand women fashion clothing no matter if it is traditional fashion clothing, urban fashion clothing or vintage fashion clothing is offered at very nice prices. Another method to buy brand women fashion clothing at low prices is to be a VIP Club member. These members often get high discounts.

Fashion seventies, the charm of feline cat glasses

Lenses and frames pointed, are the cat eye sunglasses, sunglasses that make the wearer look alluring and sensual, like a real cat.

The summer mood is years ’70 and ’80, and calls to the call all the leaders most extravagant of yesteryear. The top of the list are its accessories, namely the cat glasses, the glamorous touch to these days and those to come.

Fashion The appeal of fashion Seventies, with shapes and motifs that both recollections of Hollywood stars, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, spreads like wildfire on new sunglasses frames: size extra-large, fantasies for all tastes, colors strong and last but not least many models vintage arched or straight. The summer season is the perfect time to dare and to showcase their creativity by showing off a nice pair of sunglasses; really it makes a difference, as it also gives sparkle to the look more casual and anonymous. The model sprint is the cat eye, perfect for those wanting a look as sensual cat purring.Fashion

Just show the usual proposals approved in this regard the designers are launching many new models on the catwalk to give the face of the wearer an original touch and different than usual.Fashion

The fashion victim as the eccentric Lady Gaga, the punk Beth Ditto, the eclectic Rihanna, the refined Olivia Palermo and many others, say goodbye to the classic models and will feature many different, often opting for the model almost catlike. The form of this model is more or less stretched out, as if it were upturned, not to mention the unlimited palette of colors and materials with which they are painted with the most unthinkable that are built; everything concurs in giving an impression retro and vital to your summer look.Fashion

On some vintage models are sprayed shades in a modern, so as to create a special pair of glasses and suitable for new age, in short, the cat glasses are just a revolution in the round. But be careful, you have to choose them carefully, because every face prefers a different model and not just approve them just because beautiful. The glasses are an important accessory that can bring out the personality, but also the beauty and would be a shame to opt for the wrong model.


The importance of dressing well bypasses chooses this or that brand, that’s pretty obvious. The importance of dressing well is focused on knowing how to take full advantage of our physical with which it comes up where you can. The height is crucial and often sees looks that are perfect but fail to adapt to circumstances. If you are a petite girl (as he likes to say my partner SueMissIndie) then play with it, not against it. With these five tricks of style have several inches over his eyes.

Join the Capri pants



Yes, capri pants are (or rather were) very fashionable this summer but facing this winter, not only by logic but by your height temperatures, better leave them aside. The capri pants shortened legs and to show off is rather necessary that these are longer. Better a straight pants and shoes height or covering, nothing to choose the wider wide leg pants .

The importance of monochromatic color



Color is one of the most basic tricks in trying to gain a few inches visual styles. Logically, if you choose a bicolor combination at the top and bottom eye will distinguish two parts and there will be as successful if you choose to complete one black, the most recommended to gain height, thanks to shape the body ( top two in one).

This does not mean going all day black, horror. But choose similar colors in the same family, ie combining dark brown with beige.

That shot is as high as possible



Nor pants set yourself down his chest, not exaggerate. But it is better than the skirt and pants are high waist to waist or slightly more (garments that are very fashionable and it’s easy to find) because that leg win in a fictitious length. A visual effect particularly noticeable with skirts.

Play long and necklines



When choosing a type of blouse or sweater better to opt for a French manga by Enrique Iglesias.Same with the turtleneck. No. It will not sit as well as other types of necklines like V-shaped neckline.Thus figure will be extended to more and more vertical. Just round neckline, strapless or asymmetrical.

Best Dress



Nothing to choose a dress that reaches the ground. Best one that does not reach the knee, if cancellation of this bye to gain extra inches. The legs will look longer. A short (not excessive, if not turn against) option always favor over the long run. Better make it more fitted, goodbye to oversized.

When opting for stamping prevents the maximalists who are both liking to as what brands. Best small prints. As with cuts or details, seeking to generate verticality.

And do not remember, but the stilettos are the classic shoe to add more inches. Along with a long, light trousers. As well as playing with accessories. Ideas there for a while.

What are your tricks of style to win centimeters?