Ethnic Wear – For unbeatable Indian Style!!

If we talk about fashion then Indian ethnic wear has its own charm that remains unmatched by the most glamorous of western wear outfits. What is heartening to see is that a lot of youngsters are happy to indulge in Indian ethnic wear and more and more designers are experimenting with the silhouettes to give a fabulous fusion look. We all love dressing in any Indian attire. But we often look for dresses or sarees that are lightweight, easy to carry, comfortable yet classy. So, here we have got a few collection of cotton dresses and sarees that would give a complete royal look and still will be lightweight and comfortable.

Cotton Dress

Cotton’s crisp, timeless look and its breathability makes it the perfect fiber choice for all your summer dresses, from your weekend festival outfits to your business casual office style or to any other event. As the temperatures rise, your look stays chill and charming when it features a cotton dress which is fashionable and functional. Cotton dresses tackle hot forecasts with total effortlessness.

Keep the cotton dresses coming.
Is there such a thing as too many cotton dresses? I guess not? Fill up your wardrobe with airy cotton dresses for any and every party and festival. Whether you’re making a statement at brunch, running around town finishing errands, you’ll put your very best look forward with any of our cotton dresses. While you’re here, nab some colorful jewelry, pick out a few new pairs of sandals to complete your look. There’s a lot of stylish fun to be had, so dive into our wide range of collection and let the good times roll.

Saree- attire that spells elegance.

Sarees or sari have stuck around since centuries and a here to stay till centuries to come But the wheel of time running in its course of time brought back the craze of Nine yard  in full vogue, From toddlers wearing sarees in fancy dress competition to teenagers exhausting their night’s sleep and Internet Packs on which saree to wear on farewell, to the bridesmaids look at every nook and corner for a glamorous saree for the big day and of coursethe much loved grand moms who’s sarees we grew up adoring,every one of us are in an awe of this versatile drape. And when we are talking about sarees how can we forget about the most loved indigo sarees.

Indigo is a natural organic dye that is used to color the different fabrics in blue shade. Indigo colored sarees are nowadays gaining a lot of popularity, mainly because of the natural hue it offers and the breathability of the fabrics used. Primarily used on chanderi, Indigo sarees are an instant hit among young girls and aged women alike. They are perfect for office wear as it can make you look very elegant. These sarees come in a number of block prints and dye models to choose from. Each saree is unique in its own way.Indigo Sarees might look alike, but on close observation you notice that there are so many shades, patterns, fabrics and prints offered in these sarees. They are extremely comfortable and versatile as it can teamed up with many blouses. Whether you like a journalist type of high collard look or a royal look for a wedding party, opting for the right blouse can transform the Indigo saree to suit the occasion. So, go Indigo this season.

Style tips to style your fur vest

Fur vest is a great layering piece that will keep you comfortable without choking out you, and it’s additionally a decent proclamation thing that will grab the eye of others. Anyway, if you have a fur vest or need to get one, you most likely feel a little confounded about when and how you should wear it. How might you consolidate a fur vest into your fall closet without looking too finished the-best or silly?

Huge varieties and collections of furs have been made available in the market. There are the long ones, the short ones, pastel shades or dull tones, full sleeved to sleeveless ones. Harsh and intense vests for the trendy road look to the dark tones, full sleeved to sleeveless ones.Furthermore, if you want to look great this winter with your inborn style and a dash of refinement do put resources into one weighty piece to work with. Real fur vest give an instant lift to the generally conventional outfit andmake you look classy. They can be styled with turtle necks, cardigans or a simple plain shirt.

For the trendy girl look

Dressing up for a day out in the autumn season can be challenging when you need to look great. Picnics and country walks offer an incredible chance to show your aptitudes. This is an extremely basic outfit to jell up together. So at whatever point this is the situation center around the cuts and the quality for the coveted outcomes. Blue velvet skinny pants will make this pleasant free best in beige look additional striking. Energize the entire look with a dark colored fur vest and stunning horseback riding shoes. Top it up with some accessories to look classy and stylish.

For the simple countryside girl look

Country girls want practicality with a little chic which is truly what every girl needs so retain this outfit as it ought to be worn in every winter. From the steed riding shoes to the skinny denim to the wonderful plaid and wool shirt tucked in (or kept out); the outfit is enchanting. Include the real fur vest and it is magnificent. Marginally roll your hair with regular cosmetics and liner.

Meeting up someplace out?

Plan your outfit by remembering this style. Lovely fur vest coordinated impeccably with a turquoise turtle neck and frayed sweetheart pants. Dark colored calfskin boots for the solace and a huge pack for shopping if there is a difference in plans. Tie up a pig tail with a side blast as it’s simpler to hold them under tight restraints. If it’s too cold check out the real fur coat, but your decision completely!

Why Layering Your Clothes Is Great For The Colder Months

The winter season is here and it’s time to be thinking about warmer clothing.Layering is important during winter as you change between the hot and cold. You want to be able to take a layer off without changing the style or making it look worse for wear.Clothes layering is sometimes hard to pull off. Your clothes must look good on their own as well as a complete outfit.

Layer in the order of thin to thick

Your layers should be created by the thinnest to the thickest this will allow easier ways to regulate your body temperature. Also layering this way will give your outfit the design of depth rather than extra bulky.If you start with a t-shirt light material and think if you need to remove the outer clothing this can still be worn by itself. A hoodie over the top of the shirt followed by an overcoat.

Using colors when layering

Whenclothes layeringit’s not just the order, you have to pay attention to, but the colors used as well.When wearing layers, you can have the chance of colors not mixing or completely looking horrid together. Make sure colors complement each layer you are wearing with your pants and shoes to avoid color clashing.

Grey blacks and the clean, crisp white color works all together. If you’re looking at shades like blues, then match light blues with navy etc. With colors, you are wrecking the whole look or creating a look to talk about so make sure you put some thought into it.

Using patterns

When layering patterns work the same way as colors. Too much pattern will look chaotic and just a mess of too much going. Keep it looking simple and when layering avoid patterns if you can.

When heading outdoors in the winter months, it can be hard to look stylish but also keep warm as well.If you’re heading out to a club or a party, we all know the difficulties of dragging along a big heavy coat when you know you are only going to take it off and need to visit the cloakroom. The turtleneck is perfect adds warmth and style to your outfit, but it’s easy to carry around if you need to take it off.Understanding how to layer formal wear properly is important but simple at the same time. Clothes layering a suit is easy just wear as you normally would with the suit jacket then add a matching overcoat over the top, with a scarf if needed.
Once you have grasped the gist of different fabric materials, colors, different styles and how they work in with each other will come to you without even a thought.Layering can look just as stylish as summer clothing, and you won’t freeze your backside off because you are wearing less while trying to be stylish.

Experiment and make sure your wardrobe has a few different varieties of colors to play around with.


Are you the one who spends almost half a time of their time in scrolling up and down the various apps in the Google play store, in search of apps that deal with the fashion? Are you the sort of human being alive who wishes to own all those fashion accessories popping all around your smart phone screen? And you may also be the one who is just crazy about all those brands and the fashion that they provide. Well, some of the people around you may find you to be the craziest human being alive, but in reality you are not! And to help you with this craziness of yours, given below are 5 best android apps in order for you to explore the fashion world as much as you wish for.

  • Woolpr

It is amongst the India’s leading fashion app. It provides you with the latest trending items in fashion. You can choose the trends as you want and then save them as per preferences. You can also build your very own fashion profile by posting your pictures to get suggestions from some of the most fashionable people as well. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your Samsung smart phone, download the app from Google play store and start as you want.

  • The Women’s Store

This is a sort of shopping organizer where you can organize deals and discussions too. Through this single app, you can approach a lot of various other fashion apps and search for varieties of trends. Other shopping apps like Myntra, Zivame, Jabong are also linked with this fashion app.

  • Limeroad

Limeroad is available easily in Google play store. This is one of the apps about which there are discussions and its popularity is not just limited to its presence in the fashion section in the play store. Here you can design your own look and then start shopping for the various combinations. Moreover, it keeps you updated every 30 seconds and thus helps you to explore and discover more and more recent fashion trends.

  • Styledotme

This app helps you to create a poll in order for you to get the suggestions on fashion you need to buy a particular product. And you can also set a timer for the duration of that poll. Expert fashion bloggers and stylists also suggest you with real time suggestions of your choices. This allows you to follow the best fashionistas present as well.

  • Mydressing

This app acts as your personal wardrobe but in the form of software, nothing else. This becomes your personal look-book. You can try various combinations as per your requirements and then try various outfits. The only difference is that you are doing this virtually. For example, you can create a combo of that amazing top from Mango with that stylish jean from Roadster. It allows it all.

Don’t wait, rather just go and download these apps from the Google play store and start shopping.

How to pick denims based on your body type

No doubt that you denim pant is a very easy going and readily available outfit, but if chosen and picked without proper inspection, they could destroy your look totally. Whether it is non-designer or designer jeans for women, utmost care must be taken while choosing and picking one. Every individual has got a unique body shape, so what looks good on others might not flatter your body all the time, and same is the case with your denims. Firstly, you must pay attention to your own body, and then decide which kind of style or cut you wish to pick so that you look gorgeous on wearing the same. We will try and provide you with the required info regarding the same, so hurry up and scroll down a bit.

  • Hourglass figure

Every woman dreams of having this kind of a body as it has got the right amount of curves at the right places. For ladies, who have this kind of figure, lot many options are available in case of denims. In fact, almost all sorts of styles and cuts look superb on ladies with an hourglass figure. But try and opt for non-faded jeans and low rips. You could even roll your denims to add on some width at the hem and thus balance your hips.

  • Tall and leggy

Those of you who fall in this category, you could go for denims with flares that widen a bit at your knees and have got a good proportion at the same go. Also you can go for faded denims, as faded pattern in denims tend to break up length. Apart from these styles, you could even try out midrise slim denims for a toned look.

  • Straight body

This kind of body indicates that you are a lady who lacks curves, but no worries as you could add on that extra glam to your look by picking the right denims. In order to create a bit of illusion, try and go for relatively loose denims and avoid those tight skinny ones. Even if you are fond of skinny pants, make sure you pair it up with an oversizedtop so as to flatter your body. You could also opt for boyfriend jeans or mom jeans to enhance your body.

  • Plus size lady

Gone are those days, when plus sized woman couldn’t find outfits for themselves. Generally, these women have got a nice butt, which is why they should try on denims that have got a mix of structure and stretch. If you have stomach issues, then you could always flatten it up in high-waist denim. Dark wash denims also look great on women with this body type.

So ladies, make proper use of this info when you are shopping for your denims the next time. You could also make your designer wear purchases online these days through various luxury shopping stores which operate online. They stow some of the best brands of men’s and women’s apparels and accessories on their website. Tata CLiQ Luxury, Darvey’s, Elitify etc are some of the renowned sites available for your online designer wear purchases.


Shop the simple and first copy designer bag

There are some of the top notch online companies available in the market which can make your whole shopping experience the best. They provide the high quality of the first copy designer bag. The main objective of this site is to provide the favorable experience to all the shoppers for buying the designer replica in few seconds. Now you don’t have to waste your energy and time for looking out for replica good. They provide all the excellent services, selection and fashion at one place. The shopping could not be so easier or hassle free than ever. You can read and found what is newly available and what latest promotions or discounts are awaiting for you.

These online sites makes shopping pleasant and easier and main objective of that is to keep everyone updated with all helpful advices and latest fashion. The main business plan of these replica selling bags or purses includes the following,

  • Provide every customer the premium range of fashion for small penny amount
  • It even simplifies whole shopping process soon after collecting the replica well as earliest as possible.
  • These reputed sellers even guarantee all the quality services and quality products.

All of them specialize in the copy designer bag. They spent long years in finding good quality of the handbags, seeking out finest range of the suppliers with great warehouse and even building up the shipping network. They find top replicas and separate wheat from chaff that can be the trickiest business. They have also developed the eminent eye for spotting the convincing fake. So, when they came up with the idea for the expansion of these sites, they included all high end quality of the replica which seemed much logical choice. They also hold the well-versed network, to be utilized fully.

You can be free from the stress as they hold quality copy designer bag. You can get whatever you want and can get the money back on time, without any hassle. Their replica handbags, the accessories, watches and other collections are discerning and vast. You can select your type of the copy designer bag which stands ahead both in terms of design and brands. It includes the wide variety of the quality brands on their portals and the diverse range of the replica models. They make sure for offering quality replicas on market. This is the reason; they continuously work for being the best site of replica.

These online sites of copy designer bag put in their best of efforts for reaching out to customers and giving them the 100 per cent of customer satisfaction. They provide the easy return policy, honest and clear products with top products, live support for customers. Start shopping with them now as it offers the enjoyable experience and hassle free products. The best part is that no one can ever trace you that you are using the copy purses or bags of high end brands like Valentino, Prada, Versace and others.

The Importance of Wearing Proper Cycling Gear

While most people may put on a pair of regular shorts, a tee-shirt, and trainers for a casual bicycle ride to the market, those who use their bicycles for fitness purposes may dress in cycling gear. Although most gear makes them look like a club cyclist, it can help provide the protection they need to prevent injuries. Here are some reasons why it is important for the proper sports gear to be worn if you are serious about cycling or any other sport you enjoy.

Protection from Injuries

Wearing the proper cycling gear can protect you from becoming injured, either in an accident or due to wear and tear on your body. Protective gear is available literally from head to toe, starting with cycling helmets. A helmet can protect your head if you are involved in an accident, such as being sideswiped on a road, or if you lose control of your bicycle and fall.

Helmets are designed to take the force of an impact on the ground or other hard surface with which you may come in contact. To help protect your head, the helmet should fit snugly, rest low on the forehead, and be level. When you try helmets on, look into a mirror to make sure they fit correctly. That way your head will be protected if something happens and you accidentally fall down or fall off your bicycle.

Protection from Blisters

Another type of injury you will encounter when riding a bicycle is from wear and tear on your body in the form of blisters. They can develop on your hands and feet, especially if your feet get wet while you are riding. In addition to blisters, certain areas of your body such as the inner thighs can chafe while you are riding.

Luckily, riding gloves can protect your hands from developing blisters and can keep them warm on colder days, so they maintain their circulation. Cycling gloves are padded on the palms to prevent blisters, and the tops are made from mesh or webbing to allow air to circulate around your hands. This allows moisture to evaporate so your hands don’t get wet within the confines of the gloves.

Wearing cycling socks will prevent blisters as well, because they help wick away moisture from your feet. If your socks get wet from sweat or water, cycling in them can lead to blisters, which can easily turn into open, painful sores. They could become infected or keep you off your bicycle for several days until they heal.

Gear for Comfort

Along with protection, some cycling gear helps make you more comfortable, especially on warm days. Cycling jerseys are made from fabrics that are ventilated to wick away moisture, so you don’t get overly heated and your shirt doesn’t absorb sweat, which could cause odours. In addition, cycling shorts are padded to prevent your bum from developing sores and to keep your thighs from being chafed.

For protection while cycling on the open road, you need to wear the proper gear so you can avoid injuries and remain comfortable.

Live Life in Style With Retro Fashion

Are you fed up of the way you dress? Perhaps you’re sick of the clothes you own or you’re looking to show off the real you through fashion. It can be tough showing the world the person you really are but it’s worth it. When you shrug off what’s expected from you and embrace all the little things you love you’ll find yourself growing in confidence and making a real impact on the world.  If you’re ready to throw out your jeans and throw on a pencil skirt use these great tips to help you define your personal style and start living life how you are meant to.


Discover What You Love

If you end up visiting shops only to leave empty handed and disappointed with the selection it’s time to start doing some research, Modern fashion obviously isn’t for you, but there could be fashions of the past that really express your personality. You need to find out what styles and designs you’re really drawn to. You can do this in many different ways:

  • Watch movies, old and new
  • Read magazines
  • Take out fashion history books from the library
  • Follow fashion bloggers
  • Do some people watching at your local coffee shop

Make notes of the looks you are really drawn to and try to pinpoint the era or the name of the style. If you know what the look is called or referred to as it will make it easier for you to find. If there’s no one look that appeals just pick out the individual pieces and try to work out ways to wear them together as a whole outfit.

Be Brave and Go For it Head On

It doesn’t matter if your mum thinks your new style is too ‘out there’ or if your friends don’t have the same taste as you. We’re all different and that’s what makes us all so brilliant. You don’t have to follow everyone else, as long as you’re comfortable and feeling good that really is the only thing that matters. So go ahead and dye your hair purple and pink or get a tattoo on your leg, just do it if that’s what you want.

You do have to own the look you choose. You’ll feel so much better for bringing in a new look from head to toe. You can start off small by throwing on a different top with your jeans or accessorising with a huge retro belt, but build yourself up to embracing the style completely, you’ll feel so free.

Finding Fashions

One of the hardest parts of going against current fashion trends is finding the clothing, accessories and makeup. The best places to look are on vintage websites like Vintage Garms. You should also be prepared to put in some leg work and spend time visiting as many charity shops and second hand clothing stores as possible each week. It may take a while to build your wardrobe but it will be affordable and a whole lot of fun.

The author is a freelance fashion blogger with the passion for individual style that has helped her grow a huge community of followers on her personal blog and social networks. She is now contributing regular content for fashion websites and blogs around the globe, sharing her unique insight into the world of fashion.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Fashion

Whilst you’re out on the high street you may come across a number of styles which can either be appealing to the eye or make your eyes sore! Everyone has the right to dress and feel comfortable in whatever they like. However, there are some lines which shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to pairing clothes together. If you want to stay on trend and ensure you still look good then follow these helpful tips.

The Do’s

Shorts Suit

Invest in a shorts suit, yes you read right. Get those pins out and don’t be afraid to flaunt those great assets. If for some reason you aren’t so secure about getting your legs out then there is a simple solution. Either pantyhose or leggings will suit well with any shorts suit. If you want to stand out from the crowd choose either a bold or floral print. This look is fantastic for summertime, paired with some cute heels or sandals you can’t go wrong!


White Dress

Forget the little black dress, a little white number is now in fashion. A little white dress is just as appealing as a black dress and can be worn during the evening and also throughout the daytime. Wearing a white dress at night can be incredibly sexy, when wearing any white garments you need to ensure you wear well fitting undergarments. Appealing yet well fitted garments will surely finish off this look nicely. Nothing would be worse than your mis-matched undies peering through your nice white dress!
Black and White

If you want a simple yet stylish look than the classic black and white print will be ideal for you. The colour combination of black and white is perfect for colour blocking. When choosing which pattern to wear, bear in mind that smaller prints are much more flattering the garment will be. Casual dresses can be altered to fit not only day wear but also evening wear. You should break up the print by flaunting some skin.

The Don’ts

Keep Accessories Simple

Don’t be afraid of pattern mixing, this trend is still more popular than ever. The key to mixing prints is to ensure that the prints are of a different size. Mixing patterns creates a bold look. So don’t go over the top with wild accessories. If you want to fit in this season than floral print is the most ideal style to choose.
Go For Matching Garments

Don’t be afraid to combine garments that are of the same print/colour. Do make sure you keep the look trendy and modern and not something your grandma would wear! In order to do so you should avoid any tailored or neat looking matching clothes. Floral prints and bold prints are ideal to create any chic yet modern look. Get ready to coordinate your clothes without fear of looking like someone from the 40’s.

lite bright night

Don’t steer away from slouch type clothing. If you want to pull this look off than there is a simple rule. If you are going to wear an oversized slouchy t-shirt then you will need to pair this with some skinny bottoms. If you have slouchy trousers then you will need to pair this with a slim fitted top garment. If you want to avoid looking like an over sized potato sack then ensure you stick to this rule. Loose clothing is still in fashion, provided that you wear the outfit well you can’t go wrong!
So, there you have it you now have an insight of the do’s and don’ts of fashion 2013. Provided you following the tips you will get by the summer time with ease. If you want to learn more about what styles are available then you should do your homework!
Jennifer is a lover of all things girly and bright and would not miss out on the opportunity to share her adoration of fashion with others alike. Accessories are an important part of any outfit and Ladies Belts are certainly an essential item used to accentuate and add style to any range of clothing.

Tips on how to Go with a Fashion Style

Manner is often a types of conversing your interior self by means of clothes. Apparel frequently represents a particular type as well as era each calendar year fashion designers attempt to lead and create brand-new tendencies that could reflect enough time with the found calendar year and hopefully produce a milestone of all time eternally.

There are many fashion style by means of, which in turn we all bear in mind a time interval. These trends continuously go on ever since they were remarkably productive and sometimes in a traditional means which usually constantly ended up being and are long term.

There are numerous individuals who wish to use on what’s in fashion in just about any cost; not only in the present calendar year nevertheless every single time of year: early spring, summer time, winter and fall. Nevertheless, there is 1 issue we do not think twice to look at, that the most important extramarital relationship in vogue is actually: will the fashion style allow for us all.

How would you Acknowledge If the Fashion Style Becomes A person?

It is definitely straightforward; clothing is usually made with diverse forms of silhouettes planned and also despite the fact that we have been absolutely no style models from your driveway, we have to think about these before deciding on a fashion style: top, weight as well as complexion. As much as possible popular is actually chosen to match and set forward the individual’s high quality features ahead along with get that you can placed your own, anyone in essence need to be conscious of one’s body and also skin tone.

Your current height and weight can decide whether you need to select style designs that utilize short or long skirts or perhaps attire since every one could highlight any aspect of the body. Your skin layer firmness can define exactly what color clothing you should choose knowning that at the same time is instantly linked to fashion types while a few creative designers help make particular colors merely.

It’s important an individual become the perfect very own judge and also friend so you will likely be capable of selecting the most reliable manner styles that will enhance your very best characteristics and hence, present you with the money’s worthy of. What benefit is there to use a thing that is the newest manner however will not support your style as well as id?

In case you Split together with Fashion Guidelines?

Fashion styles should solely always be chosen for the style since you appear very good in them instead of because they’re however you like right now. Additionally always be informed that when you can not don the in vogue fashion style since you believe it is ludicrous, it’s possible to use one thing vintage because it is perpetually in vogue and it serves everyone with no exclusion. If you do not understand precisely what colours to put on to get a essential trend meeting, always stick to grayscale because they are vintage and constantly throughout fashion style.