The Importance Of ARIAPRENE Foam-Core Technology In Running Shoes

     If you are an avid runner, you know that there are many important differences among the wide range of running shoes that are available on the market today. The wrong pair of shoes can make running miserable and the right pair can cost hundreds of dollars but provide comfort and foot support throughout your run. Bad running shoes can cause hip and knee pain, plantar fasciitis, or Achilles tendinitis. The reason two pairs of running shoes can be so different even though they look similar, is the material used in the foundation of those shoes. Running shoes that are manufactured with ARIAPRENE foam core technology are going to fit, feel and perform better than running shoes manufactured without ARIAPRENE’s foam core technology.

Different Types Of Feet

     There are three different types of feet: biomechanically normal feet which have a normal arch,  There are three different kinds of feet in the world. There are the bio mechanically normal feet, which has a normal arch, feet with high arches and feet with flat arches. Your foot normally pronate (roll inward), and supinate (roll outward) as part of normal walking and running and a good, sturdy arch inside of your shoe will help you run and walk properly without pain. If your feet are flat or have high arches, this can become a problem for most running shoes as they are designed for biomechanically normal feet. Running shoes made with ARIAPRENE foam core technology adapt to all feet and can reduce foot fatigue, pain and injury while providing comfort for your feet all day.

     Through trial and error, you could find a pair of running shoes that you’re your running style and the needs of your feet, but that could become costly and time consuming. The alternative is selecting a pair of running shoes manufactured with ARIAPRENE foam core technology and save both time and money while making your run more comfortable.

ARIAPRENE Foam Core Technology

     ARIAPRENE foam core technology makes running shoes, wetsuits, apparel, accessories and other technical gear more comfortable and more functional. With customized compression, stability and movement, products manufactured with Ariaprene are built to be better.

     To learn more about ARIAPRENE foam core technology, contact ARIAPRENE today for a no obligation consultation to see how foam core technology can improve your product line and provide more benefits for your customers.If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it on your favorite social media sites.

Working Boots and Shoes

Are your riding boots looking a little worn? Have you been looking for the new perfect pair of riding boots? Then you may want to visit the Muck Boots website or a store that carries their line, you’re going to find that replacing your boots is easier than you thought. Muck boots carry a huge range of boots and shoes that are designed and made with the outdoors in mind meaning that they are suitable for a variety of tasks and able to withstand some very adverse weather conditions, if you’re already preparing for next winter you may want to take a look at their snow boots that are made with stretchy tops, a fleece lining and deep treads for extra traction, perfect for places that see a lot of snow.

Muck boots don’t just carry boots though, they also carry shoes suitable for yard work, fishing and boating. Yes, this means that while their shoes are comfortable and can protect your feet well they are also waterproof and have great traction on slippery floors, perfect for an active lifestyle. Muck boots also carry a children’s range meaning that your little ones can enjoy the comforts and protection of Muck boots too it also means one less store for your family to visit when kitting everyone out with their next set of shoes!

The 9 worst female summer Footwear

Not everything that is in vogue is the epitome of style, not everything is like a synonym for beautiful; here are some tips on footwear in 2015
Sun, heat, leisure and various declination of fashion and styles. Does not always follow the latest trends, daring to take risks with their own tastes, want to put undue display of incompatible accessories and garments is fine, doing often become synonymous with the summer of horror and horror.
Most of these relate to the world of footwear, passion / obsession of every woman. We Blog Fashion models we have selected the most criticized and contested the summer 2015, which says no to:
Dancers rubber
The net effect will be to not pretty and elegant princesses, dancers or by the sea, but only that of a diver with lots of fins.
No excuses and pretexts, the beach is ideal for running barefoot, tickled by infinite specks sand and refreshed by the waves on the shore. Even the convenience, front finger tablets and ankles to sausage, is clearly losing.
Plastic slippers
The famous model of her aunt is definitely out. Outdated and unfashionable, it would be best to discard it, at all.
Promoted, however, the thong models, both in plastic, leather or rubber that.
Boots and bikers
In different leathers, fabrics and colors, there is something for all tastes, but best avoided. Though they may be popular and loved, they do not leave enough to dream the summer and come off completely from those who were the previous seasons. Much better if combined with wool and fur.
Whether in leather, fabric or even worse in rubber, we at Fashion Blog categorically say no. Fortunately this model of footwear we leave it to the past, but there is still some affection that can not discard them and not giving up wearing it. Just. It is time to renew and heal their own style, their own image; fundamental passes every woman.
The famous brand of shoe rubber, colored and loved especially by the Americans, really are one of the biggest mistakes made in terms of style and one of the greatest horrors seen in both cities, and in the sea. Here, too, comfort does not give alternatives. A categorical no for the crocs, even to wear at home.
Sandals with cork wedge
They are a must for every summer, but not of the 2015. Footwear lacking in style and not at all attractive, attozzirebbero that even the most slender model. The cork wedge is not among the most popular of the moment, but even worse if it is fake cork. Bad taste and poor quality are not exactly the best. This year especially green light to super flat and stilettos, but also in wedges provided they do not cork

It is their year, their summer, but be careful how to wear them and match them up. No way to sock sports included. Where has the style? Is not that the street style, nor is this synonymous with particularism and eccentricity. Eye to detail, if you own one cannot do without.

Rubber sandals

To be reserved for children, The characteristic pattern of every childhood worthy of respect, it is better to avoid it if you want to have a minimum of style. Absolutely no.

The German Birkenstock

Great debate on this model, which sees deployed in two major factions lovers by supporters opposed detestatori. On this model we would like to be impartial, congedandole with an uncertain nì.

Therefore, it is trendy or not, you need to be very careful and always keep in mind that there is a way and fashion , even to wear the coolest model of footwear.

Glam Alternatives to High Heels

he high heel shoe: a striking symbol of femininity and power. A footwear design that many women will have far more than one pair of, some will own more than one hundred pairs! Yet these classic designs aren’t for everyone. Though attractive, high heels are rarely comfortable, putting the body in an unhealthy posture as soon as you slip your feet into them. Some women just can’t get on with them, proving more hassle than their worth – with increased risk of stumbling, blisters and tired feet! Luckily, if you don’t fancy wearing heels, there are glamorous alternatives available. Here’s a look at some of this season’s most appealing choices when high heels aren’t your thing:


Gladiator sandals

When it comes to glamorous summer flats, Gladiator sandals never fail to impress. These comfortable strappy sandals take inspiration from ancient footwear as worn by (you guessed it) Roman Gladiators! Where once traditional brown leather options were the favourite, today Gladiator sandals are all over the high-street in many different colours and finishes, from neon to pastel, patent to animal print. If you are heading off on holiday, gladiator sandals are a wonderful choice for with summers maxi dresses and beachwear.

Embellished ballet pumps

Another beautiful flat shoe option, embellished ballet pumps are simple and graceful, ideal to be worn from day to night. Current ballet pump trends include leather bows, gem and stone embellishments, colour block toe caps and laser cut detailing. Floral prints are always a popular choice too. The only down side to ballet pumps is that many low cost designs offer little arch support, so a padded insole will provide added comfort for periods of extended wear.

Wedge court shoes

For many women, the best thing about high heels is the added height they give. A few inches can give a much needed confidence boost on a night out and put you at the same level as taller peers. If you’re looking for this height with a more stable and supportive shoe, take a look at the array of wedge court shoes which are currently on the high street. You can choose from low, mid or tall wedges that give you that much desired boost yet provide a more secure footing – great for garden parties or weddings where stilettos will typically sink right into the grass! Again wedge court shoes come in all types of finishes from quaint crochet effects and stripe raffia to patent and metallic looks.

Chelsea boots

An attractive pair of boots can be another glamorous alternative to high heels. Chelsea boots are big at the moment; they have a flat sole or very minimal heel and fit at the ankle. Choose from leather or suede with added details including zips and studs. Chelsea boots can be just as fetching worn with jeans as they can a midi or mini skirt. They’re super comfortable and ideal for staying glam when you need to do a lot of walking in unpredictable autumn-winter weather!

The Latest Shoes in Fashion

Women are always fashion conscious. With the perfect outfit they even want their shoe to look perfect. This reflects their flawless fashion statement. It is for this reason that variety of shoes for women has come up in the market.

Have a quick look at the varieties of shoes that suit the needs of your style and comfort:

Classic stilettos: these sharp bright color heels are very much in fashion nowadays. You can wear these heels with any kind of outfit provided you have the confidence to carry them without any fear of tripping .Stilettos with neutral colors also look elegant with formal clothes.

Animal prints: ranging from tiger print, leopard print , zebra prints to snake skin designs these categories of footwear has imprintedeminence in the realm of shoe fashion. The usual hallmark colors are black, white , yellow and brown but other shades such as pink, metallic and purple are also obtainable in animal prints.

Gladiators: you can team up a pair of gladiators with skin tight jeans or mid length skirts and dresses. You can go for either a block heel or high rise heel gladiators. They usually come in the form of sandals and shoes. Both look stylish in their exclusive ways. They are perfect to make you look sophisticated.

Wedged heels: open shoes, pump and sandals have this sort of heels in several textures. Wooden, cork and espadrilles are merged either with subdued shades or withupbeat colored woven strap.

Retro prints: generally the polka dotted and the tie-dye pattern remind you of the retro style. various stilettoes, pumps, platforms are designed intricately with retro themes. You can wear this with printed skirts, long dresses and even with casual pants.

Peep toes: these shoes also have high heels. they have a cut in the front through which the toes peep out. They are available mostly in vibrant colors. They look gorgeous when wrapped in glass or satin heels.

You can also check few designer shop as you are aware of the varieties. The most renowned would be the Supra shoes. As they prefer to design their collections keeping in mind the latest trend and the comfort of their customers.

Things to Consider When Choosing Slim Width Sandals

If you have narrow feet then you are probably already aware that it can sometimes be challenging to find a shoe that actually fits correctly. The problem isn’t just with shoes, however; it also affects sandals. This is especially true with strappy sandals as regular sized ones may cause you to slide about uncomfortably. The good news is that Marmi Shoes carries slim width sandals at great prices. All you have to know is what you are looking for so here are some things to consider when making your selection.


The first thing you need to consider is whether you want to purchase a specific brand name of slim width sandals. Despite your fears, there are actually several different brand names that carry sandals in a slim width and in a huge range of sizes as well so even if your feet or large or small you won’t have to worry about selection. Just some of the brands you can find offered by Marmi Shoes include Sesto Meucci and Vaneli.


After you’ve thought about whether you want your slim width sandals to be from a certain brand, it is time to consider how much money you are willing to spend. In some cases you will have to think about this before you choose a brand as certain ones are more expensive than others. The good news is that you can get shoes that meet any budget because it is fairly easy to find ones with special prices or sales.


Another important consideration when choosing the right slim width sandals to add to your wardrobe is if you want them to have a heel and if so, how high it should be. As with the other options, you should find a range of affordable choices so it all comes down to personal preference. If you want a higher heel with stability, you can opt for a wedge but if you simply want a classic high heel, that option is available as well. There are also plenty of flat sandals with slim width if your goal is comfort.


Once you have narrowed down your selection, it is time to think about one of the most important aspects of your new sandals: the color. If you are looking for shoes to complement a particular outfit, consider which colors would match it. If, however, you prefer a neutral tone to match your entire wardrobe, you may want to consider, black or a shade of brown.