How To Care For A Vinyl Sticker T-Shirt

T-shirts are the most popular casual items of clothing on the planet. Additionally, they are also easy to personalize. Thanks to modern printing methods you can customize your plain t-shirt to suit your preferences. Additionally, you can buy t-shirts with unique and beautiful printed designs on them. One of the methods used in printing t-shirts is the vinyl stickers. Vinyl stickers produce attractive and detailed designs. Moreover, a vinyl sticker will last for years without getting damaged. In this regard, vinyl stickers are a better option compared to other forms of printing such as heat press. T-shirts that have vinyl stickers cost less than screen printed t-shirts.

There are several reasons why vinyl stickers are preferred to other forms of printing. For starters, vinyl stickers are weather resistant. This means that vinyl stickers do not get eroded when exposed to harsh weather. Apart from weather-resistant, these stickers are also water resistant. However, if you buy a t-shirt with a vinyl sticker it is wise to weight for at least 24 hours before washing it. Additionally, it is wise to avoid dry cleaning a t-shirt with a vinyl sticker. As such, vinyl stickers will survive the test of time when used normally.

Another reason vinyl stickers are great for use in t-shirts is that they do not fade or crack over time. Your t-shirt will remain detailed years after buying it. Nonetheless, it is important that you avoid chlorine bleach based products. This is particularly when you are washing your t-shirt. The chlorine found in some detergents will corrode the vinyl sticker and minimize its lifespan. Instead of using chlorine based detergents it is better to use mild or warm detergents especially when machine washing your t-shirt. When drying set the washing machine at normal setting to avoid the vinyl sticker getting damaged.

Considering the threat of global warming that the world is currently facing, adopting greener methods of doing things is prudent. That being said, vinyl is an environmentally friendly material. Some of the paints used in other forms of printing contain harmful chemicals known as volatile organized compounds. These compounds are created by highly pressurized paints. Just another reason why you should opt for t-shirts with vinyl sticker graphics, they are a greener option. Purchasing t-shirts with vinyl sticker graphics is one sure way of minimizing the release into the atmosphere of the above stated harmful compounds.

Cut vinyl can be used to print virtually anything. While they are used to print t-shirt predominantly, they can also be used to print other things. T-shirts with vinyl sticker graphics offer a wide variety of options. T-shirts with vinyl sticker graphics can be got from online stores such as Horsetooth’d. T-shirts with vinyl sticker designs are cheap and have the same print quality as the more expensive screen-printed t-shirts. On the other hand, the print quality of vinyl stickers is much better than that of heat press printing. It is for this reason that the use of vinyl stickers in the printing of t-shirts has increased in popularity.

How to design personalised hen party t-shirts

f you are the chief bridesmaid or maid of honor, it is likely that you are in charge of organizing the bride’s hen party. Whether you are planning a relaxing day in a spa or a wild night out, creating personalized t-shirts can make the party all the more fun! Here we will explain how you can go about designing t-shirts for a hen party.

Personalized t-shirts will make your hen party even more special.

Colour scheme and theme

Before you can start designing your hen party t-shirts, you need to think about the color scheme and the overall theme of the party. One of the most popular hen party t-shirt colors is pink, though you can go for any color you like. You may want to choose a t-shirt color that compliments any other items of clothing or accessories you will be wearing. Most online t-shirt design companies enable you to play around with their color toolkit so you can see what looks best.

Personalizing your hen party t-shirts

Personalizing your hen party t-shirts will make the day all the more fun and also provide each member of the bridal party with a keepsake from the day. You may want to think about printing the bridal party names on the back of the t-shirts e.g. bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaid. However if there are ladies attending the hen do who are not part of the bridal party, you can personalize their t-shirts with their first names or nicknames instead.

Another way you could personalize your hen party t-shirts is by adding a slogan. If you find choosing a slogan difficult, think about funny phrases that the bride has come out with before or instead you could quote her favorite party song lyrics? There are many ways you can go about personalizing your t-shirts and the bride is sure to love how much effort you have put into making her hen party a day or night to remember!

One of the great things about wearing personalized hen party t-shirts if you are on a night out, is that it makes it easier to spot each other when you are in a busy club or bar. You will stand out from everyone else and if you are lucky bar staff may offer your free drinks or at least a discount seeing as you are on a special night out!

Ordering your hen party t-shirts

Although most t-shirt printing companies can provide a quick turn around on orders, it is best to order your t-shirts a while before the hen party.  Before you place an order, make sure that you have asked the ladies who will be wearing the t-shirts about their sizes, so you do not end up ordering t-shirts that are too big or too small. You want all of your attendees to look and feel great when they are wearing their personalised hen party t-shirts!

Choosing a t-shirt printing company

When it comes to choosing a company to print your hen party t-shirts, look out for those offering discounts for multiple purchases. You may also want to check out how long it takes for them to print the t-shirts and whether or not they charge for delivery. Shop around for the best quote so you do not end up overspending on your t-shirt designs.

Don’t leave anyone out – make a personalized t-shirt for the father of the bride too!


Today it is easier than ever to create personalised clothing like hen party t-shirts. On the internet you will find a number of different websites that allow you to create your own t-shirts, with a wide range of different tools you can use to make your shirts stand out from the rest. Personalising hen party t-shirts will not only make the night more enjoyable but they will also double up as the perfect keepsakes for the bridal party.

Easy DIY Chain Links Ring

Remember that ribbon statement necklace I featured in a previous post? Well, I hate to break it to you, but it is in pieces… But not because it didn’t last! It’s because I couldn’t help myself… I untied it and took it apart so I could make new things out of the same materials. That’s the beauty of a lot of my DIY accessories projects. They’re versatile and the pieces can be reused, making them both fashion and wallet-friendly!

So I took it apart… and voila!

chain links ring

I’d been wanting a chain link ring for a while. And let me tell you that when it comes to shopping, I do my research! After a few weeks of unsuccessful shopping trips and online browsing sessions, I threw my hands up and decided to make my own.

When I wore it to class the next day, my friend Carla of Soupstache, noticed it. I told her how easy it was to make and she suggested I share it with all of my lovely, creative, fabulous readers.


chain links ring materials1. A chain link strand
Make sure the links aren’t too large. It will be going on your finger, so you want something that won’t look too disproportionate.

2. Pliers
You’ll need these to help shorten your link strand and to attach the clasp.

3. Clasp
The clasp should be fairly small and the same color (gold/silver) as your chain link to help conceal it.


1. Wrap the link strand around your finger to see what your preferable length is. If you want it to be thicker, wrap it several times. For a thinner ring, wrap the chain once or twice only. Keep track of where you need to “cut” the chain link.
2. Once you determine your desired length, disconnect the link with your pliers. It will take some MUSCLE, but you can do it!
3. After disconnected, while the link is still open, slip your clasp onto the open link. Once on, close the link with your pliers (again, this may take some muscle) to secure it.
4. When ready to wear, just wrap it around your finger and connect the other end with the clasp.


1. Chain (reused, but it was originally $1.99)
2. Pliers from my starter kit
3. Clasp $2.99 pack of 8.

So what do you think of this super easy, super inexpensive DIY chain links ring?

Jewelry Making and Fashion Advice from New York Designer Meriam Ahari

It’s one thing to make fun, easy and inexpensive DIY jewelry and accessories projects, but it’s quite another story to make sure they are fashionable. This requires keeping up with the latest trends.

Luckily, I was able to get some expert advice for you and me!

To delve into what’s hot now in terms of fashionable trends, I scored an exclusive interview with Meriam Ahari, New York fashion jewelry designer.

Meriam is the owner, designer and mastermind behind KISMET, an up and coming jewelry and vintage goods company, which recently graced the pages of the January 2012 issue of Lucky Magazine and a post on Meriam’s amazingly fresh and unique Fall Collection is carried in hip New York boutiques such as Raised by Wolves, WERK and Volang, and her goods are also sold online at

Meriam kindly took some time between designing her Spring/Summer 2012 collection and filling jewelry orders for her boutique collections to Skype in with me. During our interview, she talks a little about how she got into this business, offers some advice to DIY fashion accessories creators and explains her take on trends for this season and beyond.

Listen to her answers here for more insight:

Needless to say, after our interview, I’m very excited to get a head start on some of the upcoming trends and already have some ideas for future DIY fashionable jewelry and accessories projects.

One thing Meriam really emphasized is that if you want to keep things fresh and fashionable, you have to do your research. She mentioned Harper’s Bazaar, one of my favorite places to get advice on current and upcoming trends, like the ones I referenced in some previous posts about braids and tribal trends. She also mentioned some other great resources for finding out about the latest and greatest, like, Vogue, W, and WWD.

Where are some places you go to to get inspired for your fashionable jewelry and accessories and how do you find out about the latest trends?

DIY Studs for Every Outfit

Who doesn’t adore stud earrings? In my opinion, you can never have too many pairs. Unfortunately, my college budget disagrees with me. Until recently, I’d been spending a pretty penny on stud earring pairs. Some are classic and versatile (i.e. total keepers), and others are cute, but because they are a bold color or have a unique pattern, I found that I can only wearing them with one to two outfits. I knew that at this rate, I would need to either (A) make more money, or (B) stop buying so many studs. I chose (C) buy bulk materials and make my own for less.

And I’ve been in stud heaven ever since!

DIY studs

Now I’m all about sharing the love, so here’s how to make your very own for less:


Materials for DIY studs1. Pieces of fabric. You can get a bunch of samples at your local fabric store. They usually have samples on display next to the real deals so you can take the samples home and make sure the pattern or color matches with your furniture, rugs, curtains, etc. I usually browse through the fabric section and see if there are any samples I like. Sometimes the store will have leftover pieces on sale. I buy some of those also and use them for projects like this. Grab (or buy!) any pattern or color that catches your eye.
2. Craft Cover Button Kit. You can get the kit in any size. I chose the size 36, or 7/8″, but they come in several sizes.
3. Ear posts
4. Hot glue gun or a good glue
5. Scissors
6. Something to trace with (pen or marker)


1. Following the directions on the back of the Craft Button Kit, you’ll use the the template to draw a circle on the fabric. Draw circle using templateMake sure that if you’re using a specific pattern, you focus the middle of the circle on the part you want showing on the front of the earring.
2. Cut around the circle.
3. Center the button shell on top of the fabric piece, both facing down.

tuck fabric into button shell

4. Tuck the excess fabric into the shell, smoothing out any bumps and contouring it to the shape of the button shell.
5. Place a back without a shank (plain back) over the tucked fabric, and push down with the “pusher,” provided by the Craft Cover Button Kit.

push back into button shell

Push until you hear a snap and see that all sides of the plain back are firmly in place.
6. Glue an earring backing to the back of the button.

Easy, right?


Fabric: Free-ish, depending on if you use samples or buy some leftover fabric. Leftover fabric isn’t usually expensive.
Craft Button Kit: $8 (This may seem a little pricy for a button kit, but mine came with 14 buttons and backs, which means I can make about 7 pairs of studs for a little over a buck a set. I guarantee you won’t find cuter and earrings like these from a dollar store!)
Other materials part of your basic starter kit.

So what do you think about these studs for every outfit? Give ‘em a try and let me know how they turn out!

Want more studly tutorials?

Check out this one on how to make button studs, or this one on how to make chic green studs, or this one on how to make actual stud studs. Until next time, happy DIY-ing!

Trend Alert: Braids

According to Harper’s Bazaar Spring 2015 hair trends, braids and twists are in. The braids the website shows are absolutely fabulous! But I can’t say the same for my hair styling. I tried to recreate a couple of trendy braid looks, but was unsuccessful. So I decided to improvise and make a simple, colorful headband inspired by this season’s trendy braid style.
(PS- These are the classic silver earrings I made in my Cute as a Button post. Told you I love huge earring studs!)


1. Fabric strands… that’s it!
I found a whole handful of them at a craft store, and the best part is they were already color coordinated and cut into strands.

strand bundle

This bundle costs around $3, but yours can be free… because the best part of this project is that you can just cut up strands from old t-shirts. You can choose neutral-colored (white, brown, tan) t-shirts or go bold with brights. I was thrilled to find this preppy blue/green/white scheme, but I’ll definitely be putting (cutting) some old tees and putting them to good use soon.


1. After cutting/ finding your fabric strands, lay them out to make three strands and tie a knot at the top to connect them.braid tie
2. Braid your little heart out! (Or at least until you get an inch away from the end).
3. Tie a knot to secure it.
4. To secure it on your head, just tie it at the bottom so that your hair can conceal the knots.

Simple (to make), yet a statement (to wear). And that’s how I like my DIY accessories projects.