Easy DIY Chain Links Ring

Remember that ribbon statement necklace I featured in a previous post? Well, I hate to break it to you, but it is in pieces… But not because it didn’t last! It’s because I couldn’t help myself… I untied it and took it apart so I could make new things out of the same materials. That’s the beauty of a lot of my DIY accessories projects. They’re versatile and the pieces can be reused, making them both fashion and wallet-friendly!

So I took it apart… and voila!

chain links ring

I’d been wanting a chain link ring for a while. And let me tell you that when it comes to shopping, I do my research! After a few weeks of unsuccessful shopping trips and online browsing sessions, I threw my hands up and decided to make my own.

When I wore it to class the next day, my friend Carla of Soupstache, noticed it. I told her how easy it was to make and she suggested I share it with all of my lovely, creative, fabulous readers.


chain links ring materials1. A chain link strand
Make sure the links aren’t too large. It will be going on your finger, so you want something that won’t look too disproportionate.

2. Pliers
You’ll need these to help shorten your link strand and to attach the clasp.

3. Clasp
The clasp should be fairly small and the same color (gold/silver) as your chain link to help conceal it.


1. Wrap the link strand around your finger to see what your preferable length is. If you want it to be thicker, wrap it several times. For a thinner ring, wrap the chain once or twice only. Keep track of where you need to “cut” the chain link.
2. Once you determine your desired length, disconnect the link with your pliers. It will take some MUSCLE, but you can do it!
3. After disconnected, while the link is still open, slip your clasp onto the open link. Once on, close the link with your pliers (again, this may take some muscle) to secure it.
4. When ready to wear, just wrap it around your finger and connect the other end with the clasp.


1. Chain (reused, but it was originally $1.99)
2. Pliers from my starter kit
3. Clasp $2.99 pack of 8.

So what do you think of this super easy, super inexpensive DIY chain links ring?

How To Dress In Cowboy Style

Are you thinking about getting that country look for a theme party, singing gig, or line dancing class? Or just simply looking to make western wear your fashion statement? Theres no need to fret. Almost every man can dress up as a cowboy with minimum fuss. Youll just need to build up your repertoire, starting with these basic pieces and accessories:

Western shirt

For a tough and rugged appeal, go for long-sleeved plaid, denim or corduroy collared shirts. Search for classic western elements, including snap buttons, fringe, hand sewn patterns and an accented line of piping going across the chest. You can also try a plain, tight-fit t-shirt for a more laidback look.

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots are a definite must-have. Originally intended for riding, authentic pairs have heels and sharp toes for fitting a stirrup. But dont worry, there are regular-wear versions for just hitting the street. Just don them for a month or so, and they will form themselves to your feet and become like second skin. For a great fit, opt for brands that are identified with Western wear such as Old Gringo. To ensure comfort, ask for a size larger than what you typically go for, especially if you have your heart set on pointed toe boots.

Denim jeans

A standard cowboy fare, denim jeans with straight legs or boot cuts are the best bet if comfort is your priority. If you want sleek and stylish, pick out a form-fitting pair with ripped or worn knee patches. Colorwise, blue is perfect for a casual day of picnicking or horseback riding. Black is more appropriate if you are planning for a night-out.

Add flair to your jeans with a wide leather belt. Look for those that have large silver or brass buckles, and even a western theme.

Jean jackets

Wearing jean jackets is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a country vibe into your outfit, since most people probably already have a piece hanging in their closet. Show off in styles that are on the narrow side, as most cowboys do. The more traditional designs have darker blue hues and brass buttons.

Cowboy hat

On top of the accessories list, cowboy hats come mainly in three materials. Genuine leather types are the most visually appealing. But if youre running on a tight budget, felt versions are the next best thing. They weigh less than leather counterparts and are suitable for cold weather.

For an affordable backup option, consider straw hats. These are just right for summer outings or hot outdoor shows. Constructions, however, tend to be flimsy and therefore get crushed easily.

Gun holster

If you want to go completely western, gun holsters should be part of your ensemble. While meant for holding a cowboys gun, this accessory has evolved in terms of design and is now being worn as an expression of personal style. The fancier options feature stamped and carved patterns, silver trims and fully lined leather belts. Handcrafted versions are even available from manufacturers such as Western Gun Holsters.

When deciding on the pieces to don, think beyond country-wear stereotypes. Dont be limited by images of a cowboy in a classic Western film, especially now that many stores carry modernized alternatives.

Also remember to pick out something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. The way you carry yourself, whatever outfit youre in, will allow you to stand out.

Popular Engagement Ring Styles

here are so many ring styles available today. Each of those styles is attractive enough to win a woman’s heart, depending on their personal choice. Like the ladies, engagements rings may differ from each other in their own particular way. Each one has been carefully crafted for style, quality and uniqueness. If you’re not familiar with engagement ring styles, then you’re at the right place right now. Here is a quick overview of some of the best and popular engagement ring styles from places like jewellers London you might come across one of these days.

Solitaire style

Also known as the classic. A single diamond set on the band of the ring with prongs holding the diamond in place. Usually there are 4 prongs that hold the diamond. Other people choose a six prong diamond ring – it makes them more secure than ever.

Three stone ring

The style holds three diamonds on the center of the band. Some rings have three similar size diamonds attached. While some style have one bigger diamond in the middle. This is quite popular since the three rocks symbolizes the past, present and future of the relationship. It also symbolizes “I love you”.

Stones with different shapes

Another popular style of engagement rings is those that have different diamonds shapes. The basic shapes of diamond cut are square and circle. However, there are styles that have emerald, heart, oval, pear, marquise, cushion and radiant shape of diamonds. The shape of the stone is customize to meet the demand of buyers.

Mixed metal

This style has gain popularity over the years. This style uses two or more kind of metal in the band. The ring band can be a combination of yellow gold and platinum. This style adds beauty and uniqueness to the ring. Most of rings sold are made up of only one kind of metal. You can easily distinguish this style thru the color of the band. Usually, the band’s color (for yellow gold and platinum style) is golden yellow and white.

Floral and organic style

The band of this style is usually crafted to form a leaf and floral like design. This has been popular nowadays because of its uniqueness and attractive design. The Diamonds are put on the leaf-design band and in the middle of the ring set is a big diamond that looks like a flower – A nature lover would surely fall for this.

Colored stones

This style is probably the most colourful of all. Instead of ordinary colored diamonds set on the ring. Beautiful and colorful stones like emerald and ruby are placed in the center. There are also yellow canary diamonds available that can show a different glitter to traditional engagement rings.

The Bride that Looks both Beautiful and Natural

Its official, the on trend make-up look for brides getting hitched in 2014 is the natural, barely there look. The minimal make up trend that kicked off in summer 2013 is set to continue through to 2014, meaning that brides need to start looking at how best to achieve this notoriously tricky make up look.

The thing about barely there make up is that it actually takes quite a lot of work. The natural, nude appearance of flawless, glowing skin can be difficult to nail – especially if you skin is prone to temperamental outbreaks and blemishes.

So what is the best way forward in achieving this delicious, demure wedding day face?

The planning

As with all weddings, there will be plenty of planning put into your nuptials. As well as the dress, cake, cars, bridesmaids, venue and wedding breakfast, you need to put skin on the to-do list. Long before you walk down the aisle you must start thinking about treating your skin with a little extra tender loving care.

Healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet packed with fruit and vegetables will not only trim your waistline, it will show outwardly in your face. Vitamins A, C and E are all known for their positive skin loving properties, so either eat foods containing lots of these, or cheat and buy some vitamin supplements. Other great nutrients which give skin a healthy, dewy sheen include Omega Three oils which are to be found in oily fish – so chuck a few tins of sardines and land yourself some salmon or mackerel at the fishmongers next time you go shopping. In addition to all these goodies, make sure to keep skin well hydrated by drinking eight glasses of water a day and regularly get eight hours sleep.

Bride with her bridesmaids

When it comes to getting great wedding day skin it is good to know you are not totally on your own. Beauty treatments such as facials, Botox or dermal fillers prior to the big day can really give skin a beauty boost. Establishments such as Leicester beauty clinic, B Paul Hair and Beauty Spa in offer skin therapies and also provide a bridal make-up service. Add to this their very own skilled and experienced hair designers and they are able to offer a comprehensive hair and make-up service for you and your bridesmaids.

The fashion for natural look make up accentuates the radiance and luminous qualities of a bride’s skin. To get the fresh faced look keep skin hydrated with moisturiser. Morning and night, after cleansing and toning, moisturise with a product that’s suited to skin type. Whether your skin is oily, dry or normal it will hugely benefit from a twice daily blast of moisturising goodness. Banish imperfections and redness using a concealer stick.

Different types of concealer work better for different skin tones, experiment with green, apricot and pink/beige concealers to see which one gives the best results. Next add a primer to the skin, this will even out and smooth away dark circles, blemishes and other imperfections. Next select a light diffusing foundation to give your skin the softest of sheens. Skins should be veiled in light silky foundation that glides on effortlessly.

Avoid heavy, mask like products which sit in the pores and look unnatural. Why not try applying the foundation with the same methods professionals use? Use a small make up sponge and dab it on softly, concentrating on the T zone around nose and cheeks, gradually smoothing away for a perfect blend. Apply light deflecting blusher and the sheerest of light diffusing powder to create the fresh faced look we’re after.

Open up eyes by using eyelash curlers and brown or black mascara. Apply shimmery neutral shades on lids and in socket line, blending a little colour in towards the outer edges. Finish off with subtle natural tones for lips. Choose from pale berry glosses and translucent apricot tones for the mouth. Think about the floral bouquet you will be carrying – will there be tones and shades from the flowers that you would like to echo in your make up design?


Follow these tips to look great for your wedding day.

After applying the make-up for a natural face, think about how your hair will be dressed on the big day. Trends indicate that the continuing fascination we all have for things retro will be reflected in hair styles. We will be seeing up-dos with a vintage feel gliding down the aisle as well as more casual, loose styles suggestive of country maidens and delicate, bejewelled headbands, tiaras and veils.

So if you were wondering which make up style to go for on the big day, its natural all the way. Better start eating your greens, drinking more water and getting some sleep!

Ways to get Your Visitors Involved on Wedding Photographs

It’s not at all just the official wedding photographer who can take pictures around the big day. It’s easy to do and fun too. It truly is created even easier as of late with camera phones and social networking to share the pictures immediately. Take a photograph of the guests because they arrive. Perhaps allocate this task to 1 in the ushers, bridesmaids or a pal. A quick snap on their camera mobile phone, digital camera or even a cheap disposable camera and it truly is done. As visitors arrive both at the wedding itself and/or the reception they can be directed past a pre-designated spot to get their photograph taken in an informal way.

A well-liked strategy to get every person involved within the fun and celebrations through Halifax wedding photography at the wedding reception is to leave disposable cameras on each table. Inspire your visitors to use them liberally throughout the evening then collect the cameras with the finish from the night. You will have numerous photographs to search through of your visitors enjoying themselves.

To additional encourage your guests to obtain busy together with the photographs you may set up a devoted album on any 1 (or more) from the major photograph sharing sites and let folks to upload right to it or upload a variety yourselves afterwards if you have time. Ensure that both ways you know which guest took which photographs. Then, just for a little bit of entertaining, award a tiny prize for say the best 3 photographs you feel are the most humorous, most candid, most surprising or no matter what criteria you decide on.

Engagement Rings – Are They A Necessary Expense?

What’s an engagement ring, and what makes it different from a wedding ring? Well an engagement ring is usually given by a guy to a girl whenever they propose. A wedding ring on the other hand, is exchanged between husband and wife during a wedding ceremony, and it usually worn under the engagement ring. But while many savor the thought of getting an engagement ring, some feel that it’s an unnecessary expense. Let’s look at the relevance of engagement rings today.

The Ring Serves as a “No Trespassing Sign’

In some of the finer aspects of gender equality, sociologists and relationship experts stress that an engagement ring serves as a big shiny “No Trespassing” sign, which states that the lady wearing it has already been “bought and paid for”. However, some feminists argue that men should be wearing these rings too, because they too are easily “trespass able” until the day of the wedding. In fact some women argue that an engagement ring results in a woman’s “sexual debt” to her partner.

Ladies Are Collectively Attached to the Status the Ring Bestows

According to jewelry experts and historians, one of the main reasons why engagement rings have persisted and thrived is because of what one economist calls as “conspicuous consumption”. However, more women still measure the ring’s worth in relationship to marriage ways that most males do not regularly value. In most countries too, women generally are collectively attached to the status that the engagement ring places on them, while at the same time still demanding other concrete signs of commitment from their husbands.

According to jewelry experts, the most popular engagement ring designs today include solitaire and big block rings. A solitaire ring features a narrow, slim band and has a solitary diamond or gemstone. The most commonly-used solitaire ring materials include yellow and white gold, as well as platinum. Big rock rings are what the word says, rings with larger stones.

A lot of women still prefer these types because for them the stone’s size is more crucial than the ring’s color or style. Elongated and emerald-cut stone rings are also popular today, because they offer a subtle, vintage flair, and the stone also appears much larger than other cuts of similar carat weight. Other modern engagement rings feature more intricate settings and cooler cuts.

If you’re on the market for great engagement rings from the best London jewelers, please visit their site.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Fashion

Whilst you’re out on the high street you may come across a number of styles which can either be appealing to the eye or make your eyes sore! Everyone has the right to dress and feel comfortable in whatever they like. However, there are some lines which shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to pairing clothes together. If you want to stay on trend and ensure you still look good then follow these helpful tips.

The Do’s

Shorts Suit

Invest in a shorts suit, yes you read right. Get those pins out and don’t be afraid to flaunt those great assets. If for some reason you aren’t so secure about getting your legs out then there is a simple solution. Either pantyhose or leggings will suit well with any shorts suit. If you want to stand out from the crowd choose either a bold or floral print. This look is fantastic for summertime, paired with some cute heels or sandals you can’t go wrong!


White Dress

Forget the little black dress, a little white number is now in fashion. A little white dress is just as appealing as a black dress and can be worn during the evening and also throughout the daytime. Wearing a white dress at night can be incredibly sexy, when wearing any white garments you need to ensure you wear well fitting undergarments. Appealing yet well fitted garments will surely finish off this look nicely. Nothing would be worse than your mis-matched undies peering through your nice white dress!
Black and White

If you want a simple yet stylish look than the classic black and white print will be ideal for you. The colour combination of black and white is perfect for colour blocking. When choosing which pattern to wear, bear in mind that smaller prints are much more flattering the garment will be. Casual dresses can be altered to fit not only day wear but also evening wear. You should break up the print by flaunting some skin.

The Don’ts

Keep Accessories Simple

Don’t be afraid of pattern mixing, this trend is still more popular than ever. The key to mixing prints is to ensure that the prints are of a different size. Mixing patterns creates a bold look. So don’t go over the top with wild accessories. If you want to fit in this season than floral print is the most ideal style to choose.
Go For Matching Garments

Don’t be afraid to combine garments that are of the same print/colour. Do make sure you keep the look trendy and modern and not something your grandma would wear! In order to do so you should avoid any tailored or neat looking matching clothes. Floral prints and bold prints are ideal to create any chic yet modern look. Get ready to coordinate your clothes without fear of looking like someone from the 40’s.

lite bright night

Don’t steer away from slouch type clothing. If you want to pull this look off than there is a simple rule. If you are going to wear an oversized slouchy t-shirt then you will need to pair this with some skinny bottoms. If you have slouchy trousers then you will need to pair this with a slim fitted top garment. If you want to avoid looking like an over sized potato sack then ensure you stick to this rule. Loose clothing is still in fashion, provided that you wear the outfit well you can’t go wrong!
So, there you have it you now have an insight of the do’s and don’ts of fashion 2013. Provided you following the tips you will get by the summer time with ease. If you want to learn more about what styles are available then you should do your homework!
Jennifer is a lover of all things girly and bright and would not miss out on the opportunity to share her adoration of fashion with others alike. Accessories are an important part of any outfit and Ladies Belts are certainly an essential item used to accentuate and add style to any range of clothing.

Tips on how to Go with a Fashion Style

Manner is often a types of conversing your interior self by means of clothes. Apparel frequently represents a particular type as well as era each calendar year fashion designers attempt to lead and create brand-new tendencies that could reflect enough time with the found calendar year and hopefully produce a milestone of all time eternally.

There are many fashion style by means of, which in turn we all bear in mind a time interval. These trends continuously go on ever since they were remarkably productive and sometimes in a traditional means which usually constantly ended up being and are long term.

There are numerous individuals who wish to use on what’s in fashion in just about any cost; not only in the present calendar year nevertheless every single time of year: early spring, summer time, winter and fall. Nevertheless, there is 1 issue we do not think twice to look at, that the most important extramarital relationship in vogue is actually: will the fashion style allow for us all.

How would you Acknowledge If the Fashion Style Becomes A person?

It is definitely straightforward; clothing is usually made with diverse forms of silhouettes planned and also despite the fact that we have been absolutely no style models from your driveway, we have to think about these before deciding on a fashion style: top, weight as well as complexion. As much as possible popular is actually chosen to match and set forward the individual’s high quality features ahead along with get that you can placed your own, anyone in essence need to be conscious of one’s body and also skin tone.

Your current height and weight can decide whether you need to select style designs that utilize short or long skirts or perhaps attire since every one could highlight any aspect of the body. Your skin layer firmness can define exactly what color clothing you should choose knowning that at the same time is instantly linked to fashion types while a few creative designers help make particular colors merely.

It’s important an individual become the perfect very own judge and also friend so you will likely be capable of selecting the most reliable manner styles that will enhance your very best characteristics and hence, present you with the money’s worthy of. What benefit is there to use a thing that is the newest manner however will not support your style as well as id?

In case you Split together with Fashion Guidelines?

Fashion styles should solely always be chosen for the style since you appear very good in them instead of because they’re however you like right now. Additionally always be informed that when you can not don the in vogue fashion style since you believe it is ludicrous, it’s possible to use one thing vintage because it is perpetually in vogue and it serves everyone with no exclusion. If you do not understand precisely what colours to put on to get a essential trend meeting, always stick to grayscale because they are vintage and constantly throughout fashion style.

The 9 worst female summer Footwear

Not everything that is in vogue is the epitome of style, not everything is like a synonym for beautiful; here are some tips on footwear in 2015
Sun, heat, leisure and various declination of fashion and styles. Does not always follow the latest trends, daring to take risks with their own tastes, want to put undue display of incompatible accessories and garments is fine, doing often become synonymous with the summer of horror and horror.
Most of these relate to the world of footwear, passion / obsession of every woman. We Blog Fashion models we have selected the most criticized and contested the summer 2015, which says no to:
Dancers rubber
The net effect will be to not pretty and elegant princesses, dancers or by the sea, but only that of a diver with lots of fins.
No excuses and pretexts, the beach is ideal for running barefoot, tickled by infinite specks sand and refreshed by the waves on the shore. Even the convenience, front finger tablets and ankles to sausage, is clearly losing.
Plastic slippers
The famous model of her aunt is definitely out. Outdated and unfashionable, it would be best to discard it, at all.
Promoted, however, the thong models, both in plastic, leather or rubber that.
Boots and bikers
In different leathers, fabrics and colors, there is something for all tastes, but best avoided. Though they may be popular and loved, they do not leave enough to dream the summer and come off completely from those who were the previous seasons. Much better if combined with wool and fur.
Whether in leather, fabric or even worse in rubber, we at Fashion Blog categorically say no. Fortunately this model of footwear we leave it to the past, but there is still some affection that can not discard them and not giving up wearing it. Just. It is time to renew and heal their own style, their own image; fundamental passes every woman.
The famous brand of shoe rubber, colored and loved especially by the Americans, really are one of the biggest mistakes made in terms of style and one of the greatest horrors seen in both cities, and in the sea. Here, too, comfort does not give alternatives. A categorical no for the crocs, even to wear at home.
Sandals with cork wedge
They are a must for every summer, but not of the 2015. Footwear lacking in style and not at all attractive, attozzirebbero that even the most slender model. The cork wedge is not among the most popular of the moment, but even worse if it is fake cork. Bad taste and poor quality are not exactly the best. This year especially green light to super flat and stilettos, but also in wedges provided they do not cork

It is their year, their summer, but be careful how to wear them and match them up. No way to sock sports included. Where has the style? Is not that the street style, nor is this synonymous with particularism and eccentricity. Eye to detail, if you own one cannot do without.

Rubber sandals

To be reserved for children, The characteristic pattern of every childhood worthy of respect, it is better to avoid it if you want to have a minimum of style. Absolutely no.

The German Birkenstock

Great debate on this model, which sees deployed in two major factions lovers by supporters opposed detestatori. On this model we would like to be impartial, congedandole with an uncertain nì.

Therefore, it is trendy or not, you need to be very careful and always keep in mind that there is a way and fashion , even to wear the coolest model of footwear.

Ideas for a Winter Wedding

Winter is a wonderful season for a wedding; the dramatic landscapes make for the perfect backdrop to a memorable celebration. If you need some ideas to inspire your winter wedding planning, keep reading.
Where you decide to tie the knot will depend on a variety of factors, such as your personal taste, the proximity of the venue and its availability. To make the most of the season, you might decide on a venue that allows you to feel connected to the outdoors, so options with a glasshouse or special licensed landmarks might be among those you consider.
Meanwhile, castles are a good choice for added drama and make a spectacular backdrop for memorable wedding photos, or you might choose a venue with roaring open fires to ensure everyone will be warm during the celebration.
Take inspiration from the winter landscape when decorating your venue and creating a theme; you might decide to use bare branches to line the aisle that are twisted together to form an archway, decorated with fairy lights or white uplighters to make the branches look like they’re covered in snow. White drapes and dangling crystals also fit in well nicely with a winter wedding theme, symbolising snow and icicles.
Alternatively, you may decide on a Christmassy type of theme for your winter wedding, and use the red and green shades as a basis for your colour scheme. Christmas trees, holly and ivy might all play a part in the decor of your venue, while pine cones decorated with shimmering glitter or diamantes could extend the theme further.
Invitations and programmes
Your invitations, orders of service and other paperwork like thank you cards and place cards might all have a theme to tie in with your decor; snowflakes, a winter wonderland theme and festive colours are all options you could work into the publications.
If you’re choosing a Christmas theme for the big day, think about embossing your words on to gold card and using red and green shimmery ribbons to tie invitations in a bow so they resemble wrapped Christmas presents. Alternatively, outlines of baubles can add a subtle hint of your theme if you want something a little more understated.
Another consideration for your winter wedding will be what you wear for your nuptials. The cold season allows for different, warmer textures than the other seasons perhaps call for, so look at faux fur, cashmere and taffeta, which can all help provide insulation while making outfits more interesting at the same time.
You might also need to think about the amount of coverage your attire provides, so browse longer length dresses and options with sleeves to provide extra warmth. Shrugs, elegant gloves and muffs are all extra ways of covering up and keeping warm for your winter wedding.
If you want to enjoy your trip to and from the venue, think about hiring a horse and trap for your transport, complete with some fleecy blankets to keep you warm as you travel. A car is potentially a warmer and more shielded transport choice for your big day, and dark-coloured vehicles can make a real statement against a white background if there is snow on the ground.
A sleigh is another option you could consider, especially if it’s due to snow on your big day, and you could opt for a sleigh pulled by horses, huskies or even reindeer!