Fashion Tips for Late Summer Trips to Europe

Europe is one of the most popular parts of the world for travel fanatics with a vast array of locations filled with history, culture and even – believe it or not – sunshine! Yes, parts of Europe, contrary to common belief are actually quite warm and the late summer months are no different with Southern and Eastern Europe in particular proving to be popular destinations.

Countries like Spain, Italy and Southern France have been popular for many years because of their locations along the Mediterranean and their close links with each other making it easy for travellers to hop across the border to take in some extra local scenery. Of course, some European countries are popular for more than just their culture and their beaches, they have their fashion ties too with Milan and Paris the standouts along with London further up the continent.

When travelling around Europe it can be difficult to judge what to wear purely because you never know what the weather is going to do next even in the middle of Summer let alone in the latter stages approaching Autumn. Those in the North of Europe might have already put away the Summer clothes while those in the South are still sunning themselves on the beaches and those in the East are flocking to the coast or cities wearing anything from beachwear to jackets. Why can’t it just be warm or cold? It makes fashion choices so much simpler, especially now the new Autumn-Winter ranges are out.

If you’re someone thinking about travelling into Europe any time soon, here are some ideas to make packing a little bit simpler:

Comfortable Shoes

A lot of Europe is more related to a cultural trip than a beach holiday and for that reason alone you need some comfortable footwear. Flip flops and sandals will be a stylish option and are a great idea for something lightweight if you know you can walk any distance in them, but for more practical purposes it could be worthwhile bringing some trainers or espadrilles.


Your accessories will make a difference to whatever outfit you wear and whatever you choose to do so make sure you have something for every occasion from a beautiful dinner in a local restaurant to relaxing by a swimming pool or walking around town – there will be tons of photos after all!

Buy Locally

Another option is to leave plenty of space in your suitcase before you go so you can invest in local outfits when you get there. We’ve already covered the fact that Paris, London and Milan are among the fashion capitals, but Europe has far more to offer with Icelandic fashion retailer just one example for you to admire before you travel, showcasing the latest and greatest in Scandinavian fashion trends with their bright and bold colours contrasting with minimalist, subdued style that can be topped with the right jewellery.

Take Warm Clothes!

Finally, be sure to take something warm! We talk about a late-Summer break but don’t call it an “early Autumn” break which means that the weather will be starting to turn and the light fading much earlier. Some parts of Europe will already be getting chilly, particularly in the evenings, but taking the right warm clothes will allow you to remain outdoors to enjoy your surroundings.

A Guide to Get Pageant Dresses

Pageant dresses would be the outfits which are worn by simply ladies of all ages which type in attractiveness pageants. Elegance pageants are not only regarding seems to be. Your pageants are created to highlight the design and style, ability, expertise, as well as character from the girls which enter. Girls spanning various ages, through preschoolers to be able to females of their adult years, key in pageants every year.

Moms who have young girls wish to enter all of them within pageants and also flaunt precisely how pretty they are. Pageants in addition give girls fantastic coverage pertaining to probable modeling or even behaving occupations. Pageants furthermore help them learn self-discipline as well as self-confidence at a early age. Therefore, these attire certainly are a huge the main pageant. Multiple pageant dresses may be donned during your pageant. Ladies’ pageant dresses comes in a variety of designs depending on the chronilogical age of the girl and what type of pageant she’s moved into.

Different types of such garments can differ.

It is possible to choose a classic or maybe more standard layout you might need everything you really feel convenient within. You are able to prefer to get more outward bound with your outfit. Choose bright colours or even expensive designs.You’ll be able to choose to be a lot more outrageous with your costume alternative. If you’re a very confident particular person, a dress that is certainly extremely elaborate may express the character much better than an ordinary or standard costume.

Pageant dresses should also be grow older appropriate. Clothes for females may made for distinct situations for women of nearly every age. When examining girls’ get together clothes, consider your personal age or ages of your little girl. Certainly, an outfit for the teenager couldn’t survive befitting a woman that’s a new pre-teen as well as the opposite way round. Small ladies’ gowns might be used quick, although not short.

Some mothers, who get into his or her area in pageants, select the outfits that are original or perhaps princess-like in style. These kind of attires may be entertaining to shop for and are available in several styles.

Vibrant colors including fascia, electric powered orange, phosphorescent green, red, as well as ” lemon ” yellowish are simply a number of cases. You are able to go with a quite sophisticated gown with lots of bows as well as sashes if you love. It’s also possible to find the gowns who have a topic like princess, toy, angel, or fairy.

An advanced much more careful new mother, it is possible to pick a less complicated design and style. Contest halloween costumes with regard to little girls do not always have to be too much. If you can’t discover ordinary or elegant pageant fancy dress costumes at the niche retailer, try shopping on-line or for your local mall. You could have all of them by simply stitching! If you are a mother which loves to stitch, you’ll find habits for every type involving gowns your neighborhood create keep. A great thought, because you can alter any style for your young one’s physical stature along with specs with the competition. Whatever path your going, complex or conventional, you and the young daughter can have a lot of entertaining together with pageant dresses.

How to design personalised hen party t-shirts

f you are the chief bridesmaid or maid of honor, it is likely that you are in charge of organizing the bride’s hen party. Whether you are planning a relaxing day in a spa or a wild night out, creating personalized t-shirts can make the party all the more fun! Here we will explain how you can go about designing t-shirts for a hen party.

Personalized t-shirts will make your hen party even more special.

Colour scheme and theme

Before you can start designing your hen party t-shirts, you need to think about the color scheme and the overall theme of the party. One of the most popular hen party t-shirt colors is pink, though you can go for any color you like. You may want to choose a t-shirt color that compliments any other items of clothing or accessories you will be wearing. Most online t-shirt design companies enable you to play around with their color toolkit so you can see what looks best.

Personalizing your hen party t-shirts

Personalizing your hen party t-shirts will make the day all the more fun and also provide each member of the bridal party with a keepsake from the day. You may want to think about printing the bridal party names on the back of the t-shirts e.g. bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaid. However if there are ladies attending the hen do who are not part of the bridal party, you can personalize their t-shirts with their first names or nicknames instead.

Another way you could personalize your hen party t-shirts is by adding a slogan. If you find choosing a slogan difficult, think about funny phrases that the bride has come out with before or instead you could quote her favorite party song lyrics? There are many ways you can go about personalizing your t-shirts and the bride is sure to love how much effort you have put into making her hen party a day or night to remember!

One of the great things about wearing personalized hen party t-shirts if you are on a night out, is that it makes it easier to spot each other when you are in a busy club or bar. You will stand out from everyone else and if you are lucky bar staff may offer your free drinks or at least a discount seeing as you are on a special night out!

Ordering your hen party t-shirts

Although most t-shirt printing companies can provide a quick turn around on orders, it is best to order your t-shirts a while before the hen party.  Before you place an order, make sure that you have asked the ladies who will be wearing the t-shirts about their sizes, so you do not end up ordering t-shirts that are too big or too small. You want all of your attendees to look and feel great when they are wearing their personalised hen party t-shirts!

Choosing a t-shirt printing company

When it comes to choosing a company to print your hen party t-shirts, look out for those offering discounts for multiple purchases. You may also want to check out how long it takes for them to print the t-shirts and whether or not they charge for delivery. Shop around for the best quote so you do not end up overspending on your t-shirt designs.

Don’t leave anyone out – make a personalized t-shirt for the father of the bride too!


Today it is easier than ever to create personalised clothing like hen party t-shirts. On the internet you will find a number of different websites that allow you to create your own t-shirts, with a wide range of different tools you can use to make your shirts stand out from the rest. Personalising hen party t-shirts will not only make the night more enjoyable but they will also double up as the perfect keepsakes for the bridal party.

Live Life in Style With Retro Fashion

Are you fed up of the way you dress? Perhaps you’re sick of the clothes you own or you’re looking to show off the real you through fashion. It can be tough showing the world the person you really are but it’s worth it. When you shrug off what’s expected from you and embrace all the little things you love you’ll find yourself growing in confidence and making a real impact on the world.  If you’re ready to throw out your jeans and throw on a pencil skirt use these great tips to help you define your personal style and start living life how you are meant to.


Discover What You Love

If you end up visiting shops only to leave empty handed and disappointed with the selection it’s time to start doing some research, Modern fashion obviously isn’t for you, but there could be fashions of the past that really express your personality. You need to find out what styles and designs you’re really drawn to. You can do this in many different ways:

  • Watch movies, old and new
  • Read magazines
  • Take out fashion history books from the library
  • Follow fashion bloggers
  • Do some people watching at your local coffee shop

Make notes of the looks you are really drawn to and try to pinpoint the era or the name of the style. If you know what the look is called or referred to as it will make it easier for you to find. If there’s no one look that appeals just pick out the individual pieces and try to work out ways to wear them together as a whole outfit.

Be Brave and Go For it Head On

It doesn’t matter if your mum thinks your new style is too ‘out there’ or if your friends don’t have the same taste as you. We’re all different and that’s what makes us all so brilliant. You don’t have to follow everyone else, as long as you’re comfortable and feeling good that really is the only thing that matters. So go ahead and dye your hair purple and pink or get a tattoo on your leg, just do it if that’s what you want.

You do have to own the look you choose. You’ll feel so much better for bringing in a new look from head to toe. You can start off small by throwing on a different top with your jeans or accessorising with a huge retro belt, but build yourself up to embracing the style completely, you’ll feel so free.

Finding Fashions

One of the hardest parts of going against current fashion trends is finding the clothing, accessories and makeup. The best places to look are on vintage websites like Vintage Garms. You should also be prepared to put in some leg work and spend time visiting as many charity shops and second hand clothing stores as possible each week. It may take a while to build your wardrobe but it will be affordable and a whole lot of fun.

The author is a freelance fashion blogger with the passion for individual style that has helped her grow a huge community of followers on her personal blog and social networks. She is now contributing regular content for fashion websites and blogs around the globe, sharing her unique insight into the world of fashion.

Working Boots and Shoes

Are your riding boots looking a little worn? Have you been looking for the new perfect pair of riding boots? Then you may want to visit the Muck Boots website or a store that carries their line, you’re going to find that replacing your boots is easier than you thought. Muck boots carry a huge range of boots and shoes that are designed and made with the outdoors in mind meaning that they are suitable for a variety of tasks and able to withstand some very adverse weather conditions, if you’re already preparing for next winter you may want to take a look at their snow boots that are made with stretchy tops, a fleece lining and deep treads for extra traction, perfect for places that see a lot of snow.

Muck boots don’t just carry boots though, they also carry shoes suitable for yard work, fishing and boating. Yes, this means that while their shoes are comfortable and can protect your feet well they are also waterproof and have great traction on slippery floors, perfect for an active lifestyle. Muck boots also carry a children’s range meaning that your little ones can enjoy the comforts and protection of Muck boots too it also means one less store for your family to visit when kitting everyone out with their next set of shoes!

Easy DIY Chain Links Ring

Remember that ribbon statement necklace I featured in a previous post? Well, I hate to break it to you, but it is in pieces… But not because it didn’t last! It’s because I couldn’t help myself… I untied it and took it apart so I could make new things out of the same materials. That’s the beauty of a lot of my DIY accessories projects. They’re versatile and the pieces can be reused, making them both fashion and wallet-friendly!

So I took it apart… and voila!

chain links ring

I’d been wanting a chain link ring for a while. And let me tell you that when it comes to shopping, I do my research! After a few weeks of unsuccessful shopping trips and online browsing sessions, I threw my hands up and decided to make my own.

When I wore it to class the next day, my friend Carla of Soupstache, noticed it. I told her how easy it was to make and she suggested I share it with all of my lovely, creative, fabulous readers.


chain links ring materials1. A chain link strand
Make sure the links aren’t too large. It will be going on your finger, so you want something that won’t look too disproportionate.

2. Pliers
You’ll need these to help shorten your link strand and to attach the clasp.

3. Clasp
The clasp should be fairly small and the same color (gold/silver) as your chain link to help conceal it.


1. Wrap the link strand around your finger to see what your preferable length is. If you want it to be thicker, wrap it several times. For a thinner ring, wrap the chain once or twice only. Keep track of where you need to “cut” the chain link.
2. Once you determine your desired length, disconnect the link with your pliers. It will take some MUSCLE, but you can do it!
3. After disconnected, while the link is still open, slip your clasp onto the open link. Once on, close the link with your pliers (again, this may take some muscle) to secure it.
4. When ready to wear, just wrap it around your finger and connect the other end with the clasp.


1. Chain (reused, but it was originally $1.99)
2. Pliers from my starter kit
3. Clasp $2.99 pack of 8.

So what do you think of this super easy, super inexpensive DIY chain links ring?

How To Dress In Cowboy Style

Are you thinking about getting that country look for a theme party, singing gig, or line dancing class? Or just simply looking to make western wear your fashion statement? Theres no need to fret. Almost every man can dress up as a cowboy with minimum fuss. Youll just need to build up your repertoire, starting with these basic pieces and accessories:

Western shirt

For a tough and rugged appeal, go for long-sleeved plaid, denim or corduroy collared shirts. Search for classic western elements, including snap buttons, fringe, hand sewn patterns and an accented line of piping going across the chest. You can also try a plain, tight-fit t-shirt for a more laidback look.

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots are a definite must-have. Originally intended for riding, authentic pairs have heels and sharp toes for fitting a stirrup. But dont worry, there are regular-wear versions for just hitting the street. Just don them for a month or so, and they will form themselves to your feet and become like second skin. For a great fit, opt for brands that are identified with Western wear such as Old Gringo. To ensure comfort, ask for a size larger than what you typically go for, especially if you have your heart set on pointed toe boots.

Denim jeans

A standard cowboy fare, denim jeans with straight legs or boot cuts are the best bet if comfort is your priority. If you want sleek and stylish, pick out a form-fitting pair with ripped or worn knee patches. Colorwise, blue is perfect for a casual day of picnicking or horseback riding. Black is more appropriate if you are planning for a night-out.

Add flair to your jeans with a wide leather belt. Look for those that have large silver or brass buckles, and even a western theme.

Jean jackets

Wearing jean jackets is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a country vibe into your outfit, since most people probably already have a piece hanging in their closet. Show off in styles that are on the narrow side, as most cowboys do. The more traditional designs have darker blue hues and brass buttons.

Cowboy hat

On top of the accessories list, cowboy hats come mainly in three materials. Genuine leather types are the most visually appealing. But if youre running on a tight budget, felt versions are the next best thing. They weigh less than leather counterparts and are suitable for cold weather.

For an affordable backup option, consider straw hats. These are just right for summer outings or hot outdoor shows. Constructions, however, tend to be flimsy and therefore get crushed easily.

Gun holster

If you want to go completely western, gun holsters should be part of your ensemble. While meant for holding a cowboys gun, this accessory has evolved in terms of design and is now being worn as an expression of personal style. The fancier options feature stamped and carved patterns, silver trims and fully lined leather belts. Handcrafted versions are even available from manufacturers such as Western Gun Holsters.

When deciding on the pieces to don, think beyond country-wear stereotypes. Dont be limited by images of a cowboy in a classic Western film, especially now that many stores carry modernized alternatives.

Also remember to pick out something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. The way you carry yourself, whatever outfit youre in, will allow you to stand out.

Popular Engagement Ring Styles

here are so many ring styles available today. Each of those styles is attractive enough to win a woman’s heart, depending on their personal choice. Like the ladies, engagements rings may differ from each other in their own particular way. Each one has been carefully crafted for style, quality and uniqueness. If you’re not familiar with engagement ring styles, then you’re at the right place right now. Here is a quick overview of some of the best and popular engagement ring styles from places like jewellers London you might come across one of these days.

Solitaire style

Also known as the classic. A single diamond set on the band of the ring with prongs holding the diamond in place. Usually there are 4 prongs that hold the diamond. Other people choose a six prong diamond ring – it makes them more secure than ever.

Three stone ring

The style holds three diamonds on the center of the band. Some rings have three similar size diamonds attached. While some style have one bigger diamond in the middle. This is quite popular since the three rocks symbolizes the past, present and future of the relationship. It also symbolizes “I love you”.

Stones with different shapes

Another popular style of engagement rings is those that have different diamonds shapes. The basic shapes of diamond cut are square and circle. However, there are styles that have emerald, heart, oval, pear, marquise, cushion and radiant shape of diamonds. The shape of the stone is customize to meet the demand of buyers.

Mixed metal

This style has gain popularity over the years. This style uses two or more kind of metal in the band. The ring band can be a combination of yellow gold and platinum. This style adds beauty and uniqueness to the ring. Most of rings sold are made up of only one kind of metal. You can easily distinguish this style thru the color of the band. Usually, the band’s color (for yellow gold and platinum style) is golden yellow and white.

Floral and organic style

The band of this style is usually crafted to form a leaf and floral like design. This has been popular nowadays because of its uniqueness and attractive design. The Diamonds are put on the leaf-design band and in the middle of the ring set is a big diamond that looks like a flower – A nature lover would surely fall for this.

Colored stones

This style is probably the most colourful of all. Instead of ordinary colored diamonds set on the ring. Beautiful and colorful stones like emerald and ruby are placed in the center. There are also yellow canary diamonds available that can show a different glitter to traditional engagement rings.

The Bride that Looks both Beautiful and Natural

Its official, the on trend make-up look for brides getting hitched in 2014 is the natural, barely there look. The minimal make up trend that kicked off in summer 2013 is set to continue through to 2014, meaning that brides need to start looking at how best to achieve this notoriously tricky make up look.

The thing about barely there make up is that it actually takes quite a lot of work. The natural, nude appearance of flawless, glowing skin can be difficult to nail – especially if you skin is prone to temperamental outbreaks and blemishes.

So what is the best way forward in achieving this delicious, demure wedding day face?

The planning

As with all weddings, there will be plenty of planning put into your nuptials. As well as the dress, cake, cars, bridesmaids, venue and wedding breakfast, you need to put skin on the to-do list. Long before you walk down the aisle you must start thinking about treating your skin with a little extra tender loving care.

Healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet packed with fruit and vegetables will not only trim your waistline, it will show outwardly in your face. Vitamins A, C and E are all known for their positive skin loving properties, so either eat foods containing lots of these, or cheat and buy some vitamin supplements. Other great nutrients which give skin a healthy, dewy sheen include Omega Three oils which are to be found in oily fish – so chuck a few tins of sardines and land yourself some salmon or mackerel at the fishmongers next time you go shopping. In addition to all these goodies, make sure to keep skin well hydrated by drinking eight glasses of water a day and regularly get eight hours sleep.

Bride with her bridesmaids

When it comes to getting great wedding day skin it is good to know you are not totally on your own. Beauty treatments such as facials, Botox or dermal fillers prior to the big day can really give skin a beauty boost. Establishments such as Leicester beauty clinic, B Paul Hair and Beauty Spa in offer skin therapies and also provide a bridal make-up service. Add to this their very own skilled and experienced hair designers and they are able to offer a comprehensive hair and make-up service for you and your bridesmaids.

The fashion for natural look make up accentuates the radiance and luminous qualities of a bride’s skin. To get the fresh faced look keep skin hydrated with moisturiser. Morning and night, after cleansing and toning, moisturise with a product that’s suited to skin type. Whether your skin is oily, dry or normal it will hugely benefit from a twice daily blast of moisturising goodness. Banish imperfections and redness using a concealer stick.

Different types of concealer work better for different skin tones, experiment with green, apricot and pink/beige concealers to see which one gives the best results. Next add a primer to the skin, this will even out and smooth away dark circles, blemishes and other imperfections. Next select a light diffusing foundation to give your skin the softest of sheens. Skins should be veiled in light silky foundation that glides on effortlessly.

Avoid heavy, mask like products which sit in the pores and look unnatural. Why not try applying the foundation with the same methods professionals use? Use a small make up sponge and dab it on softly, concentrating on the T zone around nose and cheeks, gradually smoothing away for a perfect blend. Apply light deflecting blusher and the sheerest of light diffusing powder to create the fresh faced look we’re after.

Open up eyes by using eyelash curlers and brown or black mascara. Apply shimmery neutral shades on lids and in socket line, blending a little colour in towards the outer edges. Finish off with subtle natural tones for lips. Choose from pale berry glosses and translucent apricot tones for the mouth. Think about the floral bouquet you will be carrying – will there be tones and shades from the flowers that you would like to echo in your make up design?


Follow these tips to look great for your wedding day.

After applying the make-up for a natural face, think about how your hair will be dressed on the big day. Trends indicate that the continuing fascination we all have for things retro will be reflected in hair styles. We will be seeing up-dos with a vintage feel gliding down the aisle as well as more casual, loose styles suggestive of country maidens and delicate, bejewelled headbands, tiaras and veils.

So if you were wondering which make up style to go for on the big day, its natural all the way. Better start eating your greens, drinking more water and getting some sleep!

Ways to get Your Visitors Involved on Wedding Photographs

It’s not at all just the official wedding photographer who can take pictures around the big day. It’s easy to do and fun too. It truly is created even easier as of late with camera phones and social networking to share the pictures immediately. Take a photograph of the guests because they arrive. Perhaps allocate this task to 1 in the ushers, bridesmaids or a pal. A quick snap on their camera mobile phone, digital camera or even a cheap disposable camera and it truly is done. As visitors arrive both at the wedding itself and/or the reception they can be directed past a pre-designated spot to get their photograph taken in an informal way.

A well-liked strategy to get every person involved within the fun and celebrations through Halifax wedding photography at the wedding reception is to leave disposable cameras on each table. Inspire your visitors to use them liberally throughout the evening then collect the cameras with the finish from the night. You will have numerous photographs to search through of your visitors enjoying themselves.

To additional encourage your guests to obtain busy together with the photographs you may set up a devoted album on any 1 (or more) from the major photograph sharing sites and let folks to upload right to it or upload a variety yourselves afterwards if you have time. Ensure that both ways you know which guest took which photographs. Then, just for a little bit of entertaining, award a tiny prize for say the best 3 photographs you feel are the most humorous, most candid, most surprising or no matter what criteria you decide on.