Ethnic Wear – For unbeatable Indian Style!!

If we talk about fashion then Indian ethnic wear has its own charm that remains unmatched by the most glamorous of western wear outfits. What is heartening to see is that a lot of youngsters are happy to indulge in Indian ethnic wear and more and more designers are experimenting with the silhouettes to give a fabulous fusion look. We all love dressing in any Indian attire. But we often look for dresses or sarees that are lightweight, easy to carry, comfortable yet classy. So, here we have got a few collection of cotton dresses and sarees that would give a complete royal look and still will be lightweight and comfortable.

Cotton Dress

Cotton’s crisp, timeless look and its breathability makes it the perfect fiber choice for all your summer dresses, from your weekend festival outfits to your business casual office style or to any other event. As the temperatures rise, your look stays chill and charming when it features a cotton dress which is fashionable and functional. Cotton dresses tackle hot forecasts with total effortlessness.

Keep the cotton dresses coming.
Is there such a thing as too many cotton dresses? I guess not? Fill up your wardrobe with airy cotton dresses for any and every party and festival. Whether you’re making a statement at brunch, running around town finishing errands, you’ll put your very best look forward with any of our cotton dresses. While you’re here, nab some colorful jewelry, pick out a few new pairs of sandals to complete your look. There’s a lot of stylish fun to be had, so dive into our wide range of collection and let the good times roll.

Saree- attire that spells elegance.

Sarees or sari have stuck around since centuries and a here to stay till centuries to come But the wheel of time running in its course of time brought back the craze of Nine yard  in full vogue, From toddlers wearing sarees in fancy dress competition to teenagers exhausting their night’s sleep and Internet Packs on which saree to wear on farewell, to the bridesmaids look at every nook and corner for a glamorous saree for the big day and of coursethe much loved grand moms who’s sarees we grew up adoring,every one of us are in an awe of this versatile drape. And when we are talking about sarees how can we forget about the most loved indigo sarees.

Indigo is a natural organic dye that is used to color the different fabrics in blue shade. Indigo colored sarees are nowadays gaining a lot of popularity, mainly because of the natural hue it offers and the breathability of the fabrics used. Primarily used on chanderi, Indigo sarees are an instant hit among young girls and aged women alike. They are perfect for office wear as it can make you look very elegant. These sarees come in a number of block prints and dye models to choose from. Each saree is unique in its own way.Indigo Sarees might look alike, but on close observation you notice that there are so many shades, patterns, fabrics and prints offered in these sarees. They are extremely comfortable and versatile as it can teamed up with many blouses. Whether you like a journalist type of high collard look or a royal look for a wedding party, opting for the right blouse can transform the Indigo saree to suit the occasion. So, go Indigo this season.

The Importance Of ARIAPRENE Foam-Core Technology In Running Shoes

     If you are an avid runner, you know that there are many important differences among the wide range of running shoes that are available on the market today. The wrong pair of shoes can make running miserable and the right pair can cost hundreds of dollars but provide comfort and foot support throughout your run. Bad running shoes can cause hip and knee pain, plantar fasciitis, or Achilles tendinitis. The reason two pairs of running shoes can be so different even though they look similar, is the material used in the foundation of those shoes. Running shoes that are manufactured with ARIAPRENE foam core technology are going to fit, feel and perform better than running shoes manufactured without ARIAPRENE’s foam core technology.

Different Types Of Feet

     There are three different types of feet: biomechanically normal feet which have a normal arch,  There are three different kinds of feet in the world. There are the bio mechanically normal feet, which has a normal arch, feet with high arches and feet with flat arches. Your foot normally pronate (roll inward), and supinate (roll outward) as part of normal walking and running and a good, sturdy arch inside of your shoe will help you run and walk properly without pain. If your feet are flat or have high arches, this can become a problem for most running shoes as they are designed for biomechanically normal feet. Running shoes made with ARIAPRENE foam core technology adapt to all feet and can reduce foot fatigue, pain and injury while providing comfort for your feet all day.

     Through trial and error, you could find a pair of running shoes that you’re your running style and the needs of your feet, but that could become costly and time consuming. The alternative is selecting a pair of running shoes manufactured with ARIAPRENE foam core technology and save both time and money while making your run more comfortable.

ARIAPRENE Foam Core Technology

     ARIAPRENE foam core technology makes running shoes, wetsuits, apparel, accessories and other technical gear more comfortable and more functional. With customized compression, stability and movement, products manufactured with Ariaprene are built to be better.

     To learn more about ARIAPRENE foam core technology, contact ARIAPRENE today for a no obligation consultation to see how foam core technology can improve your product line and provide more benefits for your customers.If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it on your favorite social media sites.

How to choose the perfect prom dress with Jovani

That time of the year has arrived where kinds culminate their academic commitments and start preparing for prom night. During the whole process, you will start thinking about your future and your life at college, but first of all, you must attend the long-awaited prom party. In prom dresses guide having the ability to dress very different women is such an easy task, with different styles and with entirely different bodies. Because that makes us feel that we can also dress any woman in the world and make her feel more beautiful and more confident with very sexy looks, always in the latest fashion and still creating a trend among the most beautiful women of our country and the whole world.

It is a tradition that in all the high-schools a prom party is organized to say farewell their school days, all in a mega celebration where, of course, they must look incredible. That’s why today in Jovani we bring you some essential tips when picking prom dresses so that you find the best gown that makes you look spectacular.

Define your budget

Defining a prom budget means that you open an investment range. That is, you are going to calculate how much less you want to spend on your dress and how much would be the most you would be willing to pay.

They do not have to be fixed amounts, but it is highly recommended that you have a bright idea of how much you want to invest in your dress. It will undoubtedly help you to select the best prom dresses from Jovani that will be complete to your liking and accessible to your pocket.

Know your body

Whether you have a wasp waist, very lovely shoulders or spectacular legs, consider your most beautiful attribute when selecting a dress. You know your body; this is the time to show it off!

An additional recommendation is that you take into account that nothing is more about the dress, but that they will lack the adjustments, the shoes, the veil and the accessories. Then, try to reserve some money for the expenses that will make your perfect prom night.

What to wear on prom night

Usually, this is an excellent opportunity to wear prom dresses full of bright and vibrant colors, the most common among girls is to choose short prom dresses, but this season, the long prom dresses are setting the newest fashion trends. You can select different options, with sequins, a single color or with an opening in the leg.- just don’t get it too crazy like in Cosmopolitan’s These absolute heroes have been wearing croissants instead of corsages to prom. Choose the shoes that give you height, but at the same time make you comfortable and look stylish as well as elegant.

One of the newest options is the two-piece prom dresses, this is a very active option, and you will love if yours is to use crop tops. You can combine colors and textures in your favorite color.

A good option if you want to be comfortable and free of necklines is that you choose a neckline prom dress, one of those with openings on the sides. These accentuate the waist and give a different touch to the look. Also, another way to look spectacular is in a backless dress if you wear your hair and a dress with that cut will undoubtedly shine.

A less traditional option, but that is accepted with a formal gown, and that will undoubtedly make you look amazing are the sequin prom dresses. Surely you have seen that some celebrities have begun to attend events using them, and it is not difficult to find one for special occasions, besides there will be nothing more beautiful than wearing one of these dresses without problem all night.

If you still do not know what to wear for your so prom night you can find some inspiration in your favorite celebrities and adapt some of their dresses to your style, we are confident in Jovani that we have the perfect dress for you.

Just remember

It does not matter the type of gown you pick up on your prom, try to remember always to be true to yourself. Be confident and feel comfortable in whatever dress you choose where you can dance, have fun and make the most beautiful memories.

Alcohol Delivery Services: Getting Liquors at Your Door

Having a house party after a long toiling week is very rewarding. This activity too can be sometimes daunting, it needs few basic arrangements to jazz up a bash. To get the basic right, adding a definition to a particular room with a centerpiece and stock up the bar is fun. Putting stress on this one can help to create an ideal ambiance for fun.  A good drink can make every moment at the party. Otherwise, this too can dull the moment when supply is not enough. Thus, the need for an instant alcohol delivery in the middle of the party is helpful. Order alcohol and get it delivered to your door to continue the fun. Booze up the party without leaving the venue with influence. The online shop for liquors, snacks and other beverages can help you set up the basics of a bash. Visit the site for more details regarding liquor purchase.

Utmost Availability and Accessibility

Everyone can access the online shop using the internet. Ordering liquors and snacks are easier be it on your smartphone or your PC. The booze up shop online is not only selling the essentials of the party but also with a delivery service. This online store provides a wide range of drinks, snack, and even cigars online. The service delivery is easier by placing an order and paying using the methods in the shop. The website also is an extra convenient because of its navigable and user-friendly. There are online payment options to choose from to make secured transaction systems. The shop will give you a peace of mind whenever ran out of liquors in a bash. Their delivery service is accessible at any time of the day even for late night hours.

Stock The Party With Liquors

Good drinks and foods are the basics that make a party fun as ever. Make sure to have a good stock of drinks like rum, wine, champagne, gin, vodka, booze, tequila, scotch, and more. The party can be so much better with drinks with amazing to an evening of good fun. Lacking liquors can make the party dull and frustrating. Don’t let this happen and rely on best liquor delivery services in London. The service will always make a delivery to stock up a whole crate of beer at the party. No need to head from one liquor store to another for finding alcohol to continue the fun. With the alcohol delivery, you can have the easiest way to bring home exquisite beer.

How does it work?

The doorstep liquor delivery service works after placing an order online. This is available in most areas in London even on late night hours. The will provide you with drinks and beer from various top-notch brands. Placing orders over the phone is now possible. The online store will get your favorite liquor and will go to any lengths to deliver your order. The service will make a door-to-door alcohol delivery for your orders. They will strictly follow your preferred location within the mentioned time. In some cases, the arrival time might change depending on the distance. Rest assured, everything will knock in your door at the very same day of orders.

The delivery service will help get your order as many drinks you like without stepping out of your homes. You only need to select your liquor and the delivery will follow. This means that you can enjoy your weekend bash and have the liquors at its peak.

Style tips to style your fur vest

Fur vest is a great layering piece that will keep you comfortable without choking out you, and it’s additionally a decent proclamation thing that will grab the eye of others. Anyway, if you have a fur vest or need to get one, you most likely feel a little confounded about when and how you should wear it. How might you consolidate a fur vest into your fall closet without looking too finished the-best or silly?

Huge varieties and collections of furs have been made available in the market. There are the long ones, the short ones, pastel shades or dull tones, full sleeved to sleeveless ones. Harsh and intense vests for the trendy road look to the dark tones, full sleeved to sleeveless ones.Furthermore, if you want to look great this winter with your inborn style and a dash of refinement do put resources into one weighty piece to work with. Real fur vest give an instant lift to the generally conventional outfit andmake you look classy. They can be styled with turtle necks, cardigans or a simple plain shirt.

For the trendy girl look

Dressing up for a day out in the autumn season can be challenging when you need to look great. Picnics and country walks offer an incredible chance to show your aptitudes. This is an extremely basic outfit to jell up together. So at whatever point this is the situation center around the cuts and the quality for the coveted outcomes. Blue velvet skinny pants will make this pleasant free best in beige look additional striking. Energize the entire look with a dark colored fur vest and stunning horseback riding shoes. Top it up with some accessories to look classy and stylish.

For the simple countryside girl look

Country girls want practicality with a little chic which is truly what every girl needs so retain this outfit as it ought to be worn in every winter. From the steed riding shoes to the skinny denim to the wonderful plaid and wool shirt tucked in (or kept out); the outfit is enchanting. Include the real fur vest and it is magnificent. Marginally roll your hair with regular cosmetics and liner.

Meeting up someplace out?

Plan your outfit by remembering this style. Lovely fur vest coordinated impeccably with a turquoise turtle neck and frayed sweetheart pants. Dark colored calfskin boots for the solace and a huge pack for shopping if there is a difference in plans. Tie up a pig tail with a side blast as it’s simpler to hold them under tight restraints. If it’s too cold check out the real fur coat, but your decision completely!

Coats You`ll Be Crushin’ Over This Winter

The weather will soon turn chilly and people will look forward to purchase winter wardrobe. We might not be getting our daily dose of pure vitamin D anymore, but damn the slouchy knitwear and coats makes the rain all worth it. Winter wardrobe mostly consists of jackets and warmers but not all warmers are appreciable

 The top and famous winter collections are listed below, you`ll love the coats and want them badly in your closet, that’s a guarantee.

Pretty Pastels

Pastel coats are one of the top winter trends. They aren’t just for spring and summer anymore; they have proven to be perfect remedy for winter weather.It gives you a full lady like look with soft shades and work with any outfit you wish to hop in. there are new shades that can be purchased through Http://, at a low cost using discount coupons. Make a move this winter and try out the pretty pastel coats. You can wear it to work and if there is a party at night and its chilling outside, it will keep you warm.

The Duster

The duster coat has been in trend since 80s. The long coat is a very good warmer for winters as it covers your whole body.You can wear it after taking a shower or can spend all day wearing it when at home. There are cool colors and designs available so you have a wide selecting range. If your closet is unaware from this interesting piece, you should have it in your closet as soon as possible.

Military Madness

If you are looking for something classy, then you should try military jackets. The trend of military dress is rotatory, it keeps coming back after few years, but your wardrobe is somehow or the other incomplete without this amazing jacket. You will find a variety of military jackets, with different designs and colors and the best thing at a low cost.

Stay Puffed

Puff jackets are included in classics. However the 2016 makeover is a must try. The jacket is very useful for winters as it is puffed that protects you from chilly weather. It used to be puffed before which actually looked a little awkward, but the new design looks sleeker than ever. The jacket is adjustable plus it has complete protection against the chilly winds entering and making you feel cold. If you are a traveler or you have to visit many venues due to work, the puffed jacket is a trustable wear for such adventures. Furthermore to get your hands on this jacket you can stalk Http:// The online destination provides discount coupons for almost all the items you desire and you will be able to find things which took ages of searching at a reasonable price.

Can-do Capes

Capes were mostly used in Europe but now are available in most parts of the world. You want to take those new thigh high boots for a walk? Match it with your cape and go for a stroll around the park. It is very comforting and will cover your body. What are you waiting for? Winter is almost here, grab your laptop and start surfing for the amazing designs of capes.You can wear it in many occasions including parties and work.

Rainy Day Macs

Rainy day macs are made for survivors. The multipurpose jacket provides full protection against chilly weather and rainy days. You will need it in almost all the seasons and so it makes it a must have in your closet.Whether you go for a classic fisherman`s yellow, or change it up with a delicate pink, all will work with anything you are wearing.

These are some of the jackets that you should have in your closet. Keep yourself safe from the chilly weather without compromising with style.

Your go-to guide to prom dress shopping

Prom is a long awaited moment for all students, and considering the significance of this day in one’s life, symbolizing the end of life chapter and the start of a new one, everyone desires for things to turn out just perfect. Well, if there’s not much time left until your prom, one of your concerns is probably what you will wear to the event. Although the market is overstocked with dresses designed for this occasion, for an impeccable appearance shopping for an outfit should be done with care. These are your go-to prom dress purchase guidelines you can rely on to make the best choice in this department:

Focus on the 3 F’s

Fabric, fit and fashion are the three most essential details you need to focus on when you are prom dress shopping. The fabric needs to be one that is visibly qualitative (regardless of how beautiful the dress style might be, your look will not seem as glamorous as desired if it’s made out of the wrong material), even if it might cost you a bit more. The dress should also be suitable for your body shape, and of appropriate size as well – not too loose, not to tight, not too short. As for fashion goes, it’s important to research the latest trends, such as Jovani prom dresses and avoid choosing an outdated, old-fashion look.


The neckline of your dress can either make or break your overall prom style. It’s important to focus on what looks good on you personally, and not what might seem flattering on others. Also, the neckline of the dress should be selected to suit your choice of jewelry as well, if you have already thought about your preferred accessories for this occasion.

Dare to experiment

To really be the center of attention at prom, it’s important to think outside the box, to make bolder choices, and don’t limit your options to traditional gowns. People have already gotten tired of seeing the same old prom dresses, so experimenting with options that perhaps are a bit more unconventional will give you the opportunity to put together a more impressive, eye-catching look. A half dress half pants clothing item, or a two-piece lace dress would be the type of looks you should go for. Skip on the floor-length, strapless, red dress every girl seems to opt for, and dare to be unique.

Choose the online shopping alternative

Regardless of where you might live, and how many physical dress shops you might have access to, the variety of option you find in the offline does not compare with the one you will come across in the online. Nowadays, resorting to the online shopping alternative is the far better option, providing you with versatility not only in terms of clothing styles, but in terms of prices as well.

These are the things that can simplify prom dress shopping for you, and ensure you are getting that perfect outfit for this special occasion. Looking your best requires a bit of effort, and because the dress will be the focal point of your entire prom look, it’s important to purchase the right option. Being dressed in a jaw-dropping dress will make you feel like the center of attention, and allow you to enjoy this special event of your life to the fullest, as you should.

Sporty or casual: Take your pick

Sporty fashion can be easily confused for casual wear – but there are important differences. We help you decode them.

You still fondly remember that time in your life when it scarcely mattered what you wore when you went out. It was a simpler time, and you couldn’t care less about fashion and prevailing trends. But it’s a different world out there today, full of moments to be captured forever on Instagram and shared with the world. So you want to look nice but not like you spent hours putting your look together. You want to give off a sporty, casual vibe.

Except, you’re a little confused between the two…

If it’s accompanied by shorts…

Sporty fashion seamlessly lends itself to casual wear, but it all depends on which clothing you team with which footwear and accessories. Let’s just say that casual fashion is a subset of sporty style.

For instance, if you wear a pair of sneakers with a pair of fitted denim jeans, a loose tee and Aviators, that’s a casual look. So far, so good. But if you’re going for sporty, you need to replace the pants with shorts, the cotton tee for a dri-fit Nike India T shirt and your sandals with running shoes. Do you now see the difference in the two styles?

That’s not to say that one cannot be the other, but when you’re aiming for sporty in casual, you don’t want to go too hard on the overall look. Sporty fashion is not about looking like you’re always headed to football practice or the gym – it’s about wearing sports clothing with élan, even when you’re just heading out for dinner with the family. We recommend stocking up on Nike India merchandise for all your sporty fashion needs – from clothing to shoes and bags, there’s a lot to shop online.

Aiming for casual

You would think that wearing a casual ensemble is the easiest thing in the world. Just don a pair of jeans, a tee and flip flops, and you’re done. But looking effortlessly chic does take a lot of effort. Casual dressing is no exception to this fashion rule – you don’t want to look like you tried too hard on your appearance, but you still want to appear distinctive.

So what do you do? Here are some pointers:

Get a statement graphic tee. Graphic tees are back in vogue, for both men and women. A T shirt with a sassy message or a cute picture grabs the attention at once. Funny prints and text on the tee separate a casual T-shirt from a sporty one. But smaller prints are in vogue, so pick accordingly during your online shopping jaunt.

Blend in. You can pair a dri-Fit Nike India tee with a pair of fitted pants or chinos. This is a mix between sporty and casual styles. Keep the trend going with sneakers in a bold colour, and a watch with a thick belt.

Accessorise. Nobody wears a belt with a sporty ensemble, nor perfume, nor flip flops. Pick all these items during online shopping to kick off your casual but athletic look.

Don’t be dowdy. Most people think that wearing old shorts or cargos, a wrinkled cotton tee and last year’s flip flops is casual dressing. There’s just one word for this: Frumpy. Casual dressing is about keeping up with what’s in vogue at the moment, not looking like a leftover from 2017. Read up on current trends in casual wear and shop onlineaccordingly.

Summer fashion: how to wear velvet dresses like a pro

Velvet is a dense fabric and for this reason, most women choose it for winter, late fall and early spring events, but rules cannot last taking into consideration all those daring fashionistas who enjoy experimenting so we wonder: can you wear velvet during the summer season as well? Apparently, the answer is “yes”.  However, you do have to make certain adjustments. For instance, instead of wearing a long heavy dress, you should direct your attention towards a shot dress with cut works. It will not only give you a more sensual air, but also prevent your body from shedding a few sweat drops, which probably represents the nightmare of any woman who wants to appear like a delicate flower in front of other guests present at the same event. Of course, this only represents one of the secrets that will help you glow in a velvet dress during the summer season. An open shoulder or a deeper cleavage is eye-catching indeed, but it represents just a detail in our multitude of tricks.

How to wear long velvet dresses in the evening

Apart from the cut, you should also think about fabric, pattern, shade and accessories. We are going to take each element one at a time so that you fully understand the right way of wearing velvet dresses when the sun shines more brightly than ever. This is common sense, but during summer, you have to focus on lighter shades like white and soft pink, which will instantly give you a more romantic vibe. Consequently, you hit two birds with one stone. Because we are talking about evening occasions, you should probably opt for a long dress, but this does not mean that it cannot have a high slit or lack material in the back. If backless dresses are fashionable and striking, imagine the effect a backless velvet dress can create. In what concerns the shape or the model, you can choose from a strapless mermaid dress, a fitted backless evening dress, a dress with asymmetrical strapless neckline, an off the shoulder dress, a ball gown or an embellished belt gown. Pointy stilettos represent the ideal choice in terms of shoes. Moreover, you should not forget to add a clutch bag: it will really help you make a statement.

How to wear short velvet dresses in the afternoon

Moving on to daywear, you can still choose a velvet dress as the main piece of your outfit. Of course, this time of the day gives you more options like jumpsuits and two pieces, but if you are a girly spirit, you will probably not give up to your beautiful dresses. Do not worry because nobody will ask you to do such a terrible thing. Actually, we are going to give you some pieces of advice on how to accessorize them properly so that you never fail to turn heads when walking on the streets. Including metallic heels in your outfit in the afternoon and black boots in the evening will definitely make you stand out. Probably the most suitable accessory for a velvet dress is a black choker, glasses or a bandana.

Why Layering Your Clothes Is Great For The Colder Months

The winter season is here and it’s time to be thinking about warmer clothing.Layering is important during winter as you change between the hot and cold. You want to be able to take a layer off without changing the style or making it look worse for wear.Clothes layering is sometimes hard to pull off. Your clothes must look good on their own as well as a complete outfit.

Layer in the order of thin to thick

Your layers should be created by the thinnest to the thickest this will allow easier ways to regulate your body temperature. Also layering this way will give your outfit the design of depth rather than extra bulky.If you start with a t-shirt light material and think if you need to remove the outer clothing this can still be worn by itself. A hoodie over the top of the shirt followed by an overcoat.

Using colors when layering

Whenclothes layeringit’s not just the order, you have to pay attention to, but the colors used as well.When wearing layers, you can have the chance of colors not mixing or completely looking horrid together. Make sure colors complement each layer you are wearing with your pants and shoes to avoid color clashing.

Grey blacks and the clean, crisp white color works all together. If you’re looking at shades like blues, then match light blues with navy etc. With colors, you are wrecking the whole look or creating a look to talk about so make sure you put some thought into it.

Using patterns

When layering patterns work the same way as colors. Too much pattern will look chaotic and just a mess of too much going. Keep it looking simple and when layering avoid patterns if you can.

When heading outdoors in the winter months, it can be hard to look stylish but also keep warm as well.If you’re heading out to a club or a party, we all know the difficulties of dragging along a big heavy coat when you know you are only going to take it off and need to visit the cloakroom. The turtleneck is perfect adds warmth and style to your outfit, but it’s easy to carry around if you need to take it off.Understanding how to layer formal wear properly is important but simple at the same time. Clothes layering a suit is easy just wear as you normally would with the suit jacket then add a matching overcoat over the top, with a scarf if needed.
Once you have grasped the gist of different fabric materials, colors, different styles and how they work in with each other will come to you without even a thought.Layering can look just as stylish as summer clothing, and you won’t freeze your backside off because you are wearing less while trying to be stylish.

Experiment and make sure your wardrobe has a few different varieties of colors to play around with.